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Superstitious nonsense

I am not a superstitious person.  Really I am not!  But sometimes you really do begin to wonder…..

Miss Molly
Miss Molly




On Friday, yes the 13th, Miss Molly my BLACK cat disappeared.  I was a little worried, it was raining and there was thunder about.  Normally at the first clap of thunder she comes running inside and hides under the bed – but there was no sign of her.  She also usually comes when called and nothing.  Not even at dinner time.  We went to bed but left some windows open for her.  We did not sleep very well and keep getting up to call her or see if she had come inside.  Nothing.  At one stage the dogs started to bark so hubby got up to go and investigate.  Our house is in a U shape, so if you stand on one side you can see the roof on the other.  On the roof was a HUGE owl!  Yikes, black cat, Friday 13th and now a huge owl on our roof.  I was beginning to get slightly nervous.  Actually who am I kidding, I did not sleep all night!  On Saturday there was still no sign of her.


Molly eating Dukes food
Molly eating Dukes food

I walked the neighbourhood flat, but refused to panic.  Until about 4pm, then I called the Animal Welfare, the vets and put up posters in the local shopping centers and on lamp posts.  I walked around some more (so much for the “off” day on my program) calling her name.  NOTHING!!!  Another sleepless night followed.


I decided to go cycling the next morning.  I felt there was not much else I could do at home.  Hubby said he would walk around some more and if anything changed he would call me.  I must admit that the last thing I felt like doing was cycling.


Miss Molly and Bacardi taking over the dogs' bed
Miss Molly and Bacardi taking over the dogs' bed

But anyway, I went and kept my phone close!  After about an hour on the bike I got a phone call.  He had found her and she was fine!!!!  Oh THANK YOU!  She was apparently about 500m away from our house but trapped in the storm water drains.  We think she had gotten lost in the tunnels and could not get out.  When hubby went walking he kept calling her name and when he passed one of the gratings he heard her meouw.  Luckily he was able to get the grating off the drain and get her out.  She seemed none the worse for wear. 


After all my muttering and cursing about people speaking on their cell phones while driving her I was on my bicycle! 


Not even the rain could get me down on that cycle and we ending up doing 132km.


So Friday the 13th, black cats and owls on roof’s – all superstitious nonsense…….

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Photo – tag

I have been tagged by The Running Golfer.

The rules:

  • Go to the file where your photo’s are saved
  • Go to the 6th folder and choose the 6th photo
  • Post it and an explanation
  • Tag 6 people to do the same.

Well here is my photo

Duke and Miss Molly
Duke and Miss Molly


This was taken a year or so ago and only a couple of days after we got Duke.  Miss Molly should have stood up for herself then, because Duke is MUCH bigger now and she is always covered in dog gob!  Poor cat, she does not seem to realise that she has claws.  Our other cat, Bacardi has no such problem and has put the dogs firmly in their place.  Infact so much so that they won’t even walk past him.


I tag:

Well, anyone who wants to do this.  It was fun going through my old photos.

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Damn cat!

I thought I had better write another post today, so that the first thing people saw was not me moaning!


Last night it was very hot, I don’t have a problem with that, Mr OL on the other had does.  He can’t sleep when it is hot so last night he was tossing and turning.  He just had a sheet over him and with all the rolling over his feet must have been wriggling underneath.  The cat in all his innocence (uhmm right) must have thought this was a game because the next thing I hear is a loud screech (Mr OL) and then a thump followed another loud screech (the cat Bacardi) followed by loud meouwing and running down the passage (also the cat).


Bacardi had pounced on Mr OL’s foot, claws out.  Mr OL screeched and threw a shoe at the cat, just missing.  The cat then started back chatting!  He he!  I was trying to stifle the laughter.  Luckily through all the swearing I don’t’ think it was heard. 


Mr OL was still muttering about the damn cat this morning when we got up. 


Although who could stay mad at a face like this for very long???

Who me??




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I think my cat is short a few brain cells?

So how do you tell if you have a “doff” cat?  I think one of ours is missing (more than) a few brain cells.


Now don’t get me wrong he is absolutely gorgeous and very “special” but I don’t think he is blessed in the brains department.


He can’t seem to walk under our low coffee table without hitting his head on it – every single time!  He can’t drink running water out a tap and just looks at it in shock when he gets water on his head.  He runs into the shower as we get out and then sits down.  He then looks all pitiful because he now has a wet bum and feet (this happens daily).  The funniest is when he spots our other cat stalking something.  He “tries” to help, by bounding up to her.  What ever she has been stalking flies or runs away long before he even gets close.  She then looks at us in frustration, its like – “I was soooo close and then – HIM again!!!  Please do something about him”  


He was a stray and I think it is just as well that we found him when we did as I don’t think he would survive in the wild on his own.  He would have starved.  Miss Molly on the other hand would survive, although she is a tiny little cat, she is quite a hunter.


The one thing about him though is that he loves being around you, they say dogs look happy to see you however when we get home both our cats are sitting there waiting for us.  Miss Molly disappears off again just after we have said hello, but Bacardi won’t leave our sides.  He will follow either my husband or I around the house, very sweet.  He does not like our dogs though, and chases them.  It is quite funny to watch as our German Shepherd is terrified of the cat.  I am not surprised as Bacardi hisses and spits when ever he gets close.

Bacardi, hiding
Bacardi, hiding




Miss Molly and Bacardi
Miss Molly and Bacardi
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Note to Self!!!

Note to self!!!



Do NOT under any circumstance pick up the “Terror” otherwise known as Bacardi when wearing nothing but a towel.  It is not a good idea.



Our younger cat has started attacking feet, specifically feet that are wet and sensitive and have just stepped out the shower.  As his teeth and claws are sharp I thought to save my feet I would pick him up.  This was not a good idea.  Just as I picked him up our German Sheppard came running around the corner and into the bedroom and jumped at us.  The cat frantically scratched the nearest thing to get away and that happened to be me – NAKED.  After screaming in general and then at both of them and then again in general I looked at my arms and hands and burst out crying.  Ouch, eina, pain!!!  I was scratched to smithereens and there was blood everywhere. 


Cat scratches burn like crazy!