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Who says romance is dead!


So I figured there were two ways of dealing with Valentine’s Day. 

One – hope beyond hope that this one year Mr OL would actually get me something, because each year I have told him it would mean alot to me.  And then get really upset because Mr OL would not acknowledge the day exists (as usual).  In fact by Tuesday I was already building up to this because I already knew he would not do anything…. 


Two – buy myself a box of chocolates, smile and carry on as if it were any other day. 

I decided on Option 2 and it worked much better for me. 

I did not dream I was going to get something or secretly hope he had remembered and would actually wish me a Happy Valentines Day – he of course did not.  And for once I was not upset about it. 

I did think about buying him a card but even decided against that, then I thought I might make him one, I decided against that too.  So,  I pretended like the day did not exist as well.  He did make me breakfast (but he does that most Sunday’s anyway) and later on shared my chocolates with him.  

I hope that your Valentines Day was a bit more romantic.

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How inconsiderate!

I don’t complain about work very often.  I am usually very aware of what I write, who reads it and what the consequences could be.  You read all these stories about people getting fired because of their Facebook status updates and blog posts but this time I just can’t help it. 

You won’t BELIEVE what they have gone and done.  I mean the inconsiderate bunch of #$##$%$!!!  They have gone and put a basket full of chocolates in our reception area!  Yes, you read that right – CHOCOLATES!!! How could they?  Don’t they know I am pregnant and my will power has gone out the window… and the worst is they have said we can help ourselves when ever we want?  I mean who in their right minds says something like that…  

I’ll be back to write the rest of this post later, at the moment I think I need to rush to the reception area. I am sure I heard my name being called (again).

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Weekend Project

Look what I got up to this weekend.



Stage 1
Stage 1


And finally!
And finally!



I found a picture of a similar tree on the internet and decided to try and paint it on our wall.  I thought it came out pretty well.

I drew it free hand, then did the lighter shade in 2 coats and then the dark brown around that (and around the rest of the room). 

I love the colour, and with the white in the rest of the room I think it will look great.  We are not going to be buying the furniture for another 2 months or so, so it will be a while before I see the final product, but I am happy so far.

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Food, glorious food!

PE is sadly lacking in decent Farmer’s Markets!  We have a couple but nothing worth a repeat visit. 

This weekend somebody tried to change that by holding what was called a Wholesome Market.  I believe the plan was to extend it beyond food to include other “green” or wholesome products from home ware to whatever.  Click here for their Facebook page and an article about it. 

We decided we had better head there early, a combination of wanting to see everything, avoid the crowds and get back in time for the rugby).  Well I was VERY glad we did.  It was packed!  I have never seen PE people flock to something new like they did to this!  There were almost too many people, although I am sure the organizers and stall holders are not complaining. 

And so, was it worth it and will I be back.  Well yes and yes. 

I suppose my only criticism was the lack of food stalls.  I LOVE Farmer’s markets and I love food.  I want to see the growers and producers of the products.  I am sure there must be some people around here that actually grown good if not organic produce?  Maybe not?  However, the food stands that were there were GOOD.  So good, in fact, that we spent way more than we bargained on.  The problem was that most of the food stalls were actually shops in town, so if I want their products then I could go there at any time (and do). 

I did not look at much of the other stuff.  I am not a “craft’s” type of person.  We walked through and stopped if something caught our eye but otherwise passed most of it by.  Also though they said they did not want it to be a “flea market” that was the feel I got. 

It is going to be held monthly, so I will go back again.  I am very impressed that somebody has taken the bull by the horns and started this.  Congratulations to them.

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Hold thumbs for me!!

I might just have bought myself a new bike!!!!!  Holy crap what was I thinking.  Actually I know exactly what I was thinking.  I was thinking – “Ooooo, pretty, pink, girly, fast, oooooo.  I like!!!” 


But I only “might” have bought it.  It is not confirmed yet, I am waiting for a phone call.  There was only one left in stock and I am not sure if it is my size.  The bike is not in PE, but is hopefully going to be delivered in the next couple of days.  Then I will be able to go and have it measured.  If it fits, it is mine!!!!!!  If not boo hoo, actually, it is a win/lose situation, or a lose/win situation depending on how you look at it.


If it is my size then I buy it – WIN but then I have to pay for it LOSE.  However if it is not my size, I don’t get it LOSE but my bank balance stays the same (minus the outlay of a big bar of chocolate to get over my depression on not getting the bike) WIN.


Hold thumbs for me!  It is a VERY good deal!!!!  Although even with that fact it is still more than double what I paid for my present bike – scary stuff!

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There is a God!

This is the best thing I have read in AGES!!! 


Chocolate Milk for Performance

A study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism found that cyclists that drank chocolate milk rode for 50 % longer than those who drank a protein drink, and for as long as those who drank an isotonic preparation.

Chocolate milk has an optimal ratio of 4:1 for carbohydrates to protein. The carbohydrates replace the energy lost during exercise, and the protein repairs the muscles. Chocolate milk is believed to be better than plain milk because of the added sugars.

Michael Phelps is said to drink chocolate milk between swimming events.