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SA Medal Hangers – New Blog

I cannot believe that we are mid-way through December and I have not even started my Christmas shopping yet…… YIKES!!!  My family is easy – we do a Secret Santa and so only have to buy for one person.   I happened to get Mr OL, which is a bit of a problem as I now need to get him 2 gifts.  We also all generally give my mom something additional as well – but she likes hand made stuff so that’s done.  At least Father Christmas is on the ball so Little OL is sorted.  My in-laws…. hmmmmm I really need to get to the shops soon.

I have a good excuse for not having gotten to the shops earlier… I have been working hard!  So many people have contacted SA Medal Hangers for custom made or personal medal hangers – it has been awesome.  I love coming up with the new designs.  But because of that , I have decided to create a new blog.  This will showcase SA Medal Hangers’ custom-made or personalised medal hangers.  We have created so may awesome one off designs and they won’t all get displayed on our website, so to give people some inspiration or ideas when ordering their own medal hanger I thought this might work.  What do you think?

Please feel free to visit and follow that blog.  It is

In the meantime here are a couple of the ones we have made recently – I am so proud of them.

SA Medal Hangers - Personalised Princess



SA Medal Hangers - My Race Bling with stars


SA Medal Hangers - Triathlon


If you are interested in ordering anything similar please contact me on  You can also visit our Facebook page for more photos… SA Medal Hangers

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An achievement and a giveaway!

I know I have said this before, but I have been blown away by the support I have been receiving for SA Medal Hangers – and I know it seems weird to say, but I am stupid proud of them. I have one up on my wall and I stare at it all the time. I am not sure which I am more proud off, the medals that hang from it or the actually hanger.
I also know it is early days, I know I still have far to go and I know that having a full time job has been a huge cushion for me in starting this business, but I am really proud of myself for taking what could have been a blow and trying to make it a positive.
Before starting this I did keep most of my medals, but they were hanging on a broken clothes hanger in the back bedroom cupboard. I would not look at them, but just add another medal as I got it. It was actually Mr OL’s suggestion that we display them but could not really think of a solution and then I found this idea.
Now that the medals are up and I can see them I realise just how far I have come. I started running again in 2005 and did my first Ironman in 2007. In the past 8 years running and triathlon have become a huge part of my life and I love it!
I know that not everybody wants to display their medals, and a lot of people don’t even take them at races, but since putting them up on the wall I have started seeing them not just as the metal and ribbon, but as something more than that! As an achievement – and something I should be very proud off.
To give somebody else the opportunity to feel that sense of pride and achievement I have decided to run a giveaway on SA Medal Hangers’ Facebook page. The details are all there, so please go and have a look. You could win a 65cm triple bar medal hanger of your choice! (Sorry – Open to South African Residents only). CLICK HERE for details.

SA Medal Hangers

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A first and a last!

This weekend had a first and a last!

On Sunday I did my FIRST ever Duathlon!  And I came?  Yip you guessed it …. LAST!  I am not talking last placed lady or last placed in my age group, although I did that too.  I am talking dead cold stone LAST in the entire race. 

There are a few positives though.  Firstly; I did come first in my age group and finished 3rd lady over all (yes only 3 ladies took part).  Another positive is that I did it in under the 3 hours I was hoping for.  Those other ladies are FLIPPEN quick.  My time was 2 hours 46 minutes and 9 seconds.  Although I know on the run each lap was only 2.4km and not 2.5 and I think the bike was bit shorter too.  It was pretty tough, but I have realized that I am most definitely a multi sport athlete. 

The day before I did the Spar Ladies 10km race.  All I kept thinking was I wish I had been able to ride or swim too.  But I enjoyed it, and I did my best 10km time EVER!  Unfortunately my mom was still “faking” an injury so I will never know if I could have beaten her.  I think I did it quicker than she has ever, but I am sure that if she had seen me over taking her she would have picked up the pace; nothing like a bit of healthy competition from your daughter.  My time for the 10km was 53minutes 18 seconds.  I am getting quicker.  Last year I took over 10 minutes longer for the same race. 

All this might explain why I was a bit emotional when watching TV on Sunday night.  I was (to put it politely) buggered!  But happy. 

This weekend I have a half marathon.  It should be fun.  It is a nice one, along the coast so pretty flat.

If you want to have a look at a few photo’s of the Spar Ladies race have a look at Port Elizabeth Daily Photos  and Firefly’s Photo Files.