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FBC – 10 people I would like to have dinner with

Little OL’s middle name is Elizabeth; I called her that after my Granny on my mom’s side. She was an amazing woman who I unfortunately did not get to see as often as I would have liked.  My parents immigrated to South Africa just before I was born and while growing up we only got to see her every second year when she come out to South Africa while she was still able.

In 1994 I moved to London, and every opportunity I got I went up to Edinburgh to visit my Gran. In 1995 I decided to move up to Edinburgh for a year and moved in with her.  It was fantastic to have that opportunity before she passed away, but there is so much more I want to ask her and learn about her life.  I know that my mom would also love to get to see her again.

So, my 10 people would actually need to be quite a bit more than 10.  I would love to have dinner with all the woman on my mom’s side of the family.  Some I have met, but most I have not.  I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to “meet” one of my cousin’s via Facebook as well as the wife of one of my cousins.  If I included Myself, Little OL, my cousins and their daughters, my aunt as well as my mom and my sister we would be quite a bit more than 10 – but seeing as this is my blog, I am making up the rules.

The menu….. Tough one!  I guess it would depend on location and time of the year – I am going to say outs ide under some shade on a lovely Eastern Cape day and so we would have a long lunch of salads, quiches, tarts, grilled veggies (on a braai) and a selection of cakes. Yum

Little OL and her Granny (my mom)
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Feb Blog Challange – Superpower

So today’s prompt for the February Blog Challenge is if you could have one superpower what would it be.

I think I would like to freeze time, not for ever, just for particular moments.  Like for those extra special times where you are lying cuddling with your child, between all the tantrums, melt downs and normal daily noise. For those wet kisses and “I love you”s that seem so rare.  For those date nights or shared bottles of wine with somebody special.  Those little moments that you just wish could last for ever.  Maybe even just the power to etch them into your memory, so that when all the normal chaos of life is going on you can take a deep breath and feed on those moments.

That would be my superpower if I could have one.  For now I just have to rely on my shaky memory and my camera.

Gorgeous Helping Hands
Gorgeous Helping Hands
Mommy, stop taking photos of my hands!
Mommy, stop taking photos of my hands!
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Feb Blog Challange – Dream House

February Blog Challange

The challenge for today is to describe your dream home.  Since I was very young I have had the same house in mind – or at least it always had the same elements.  It needed to be open plan, it needed to be in an old open repurposed building and it needed to have different levels.

What I mean by old building is warehouse or church or fire station.  What can I say I was an odd child.  I used to draw my “house” all the time and even knew which buildings around PE would suit it. All this before I entered high school.  I desperately wanted my parents to buy me the Old Fire Station on Albany Road for my 10th birthday – they said no.  I have even begged and pleaded for the Hobie Club – have you been inside that building.  It would be perfect, large open plan with a mezzanine floor for my bedroom.  The building I still lust after is the tramways building  at the bottom of Old Valley Road – I LOVE that building and am glad they are finally fixing it up.  Look at THIS blog post from Port Elizabeth Daily Photo for a picture and THIS post for a picture of the Fire Station (unfortuntely the people who did buy it where not kind – it used to be an beautiful building!!!0

Some things did change over time; at one stage I wanted a huge tree in the middle with a various platforms and ladders from it.  I wanted a fire man’s pole and even rope ladders to get to the different platforms.  At one stage all my platforms where to be suspended from the roof.

Now, I would still love to repurpose an old building, I would still love an open plan house but would probably skip the different levels and rope ladders.  Now my dream house is a little more functional.  Somewhere to spend time as a family but each with our own space.  A space for a home gym as well as an art studio / office and a state of the art kitchen (we are talking dream home after all).  The finishes must be simple though, steel, concrete and brick. There must be no elaborate flourishes or gilding – that open plan loft / studio look is what I love.

Can you tell I have thought about this for a very long time – and yes, I did think of studying architecture.  Actually I did more than just think about it, I did the first year at UPE, but I was too young and confused at the time and thought I would rather go travelling first and maybe go back to it later.  It was one of those things that just never happened.

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3 Significant memories

3 Significant memories from my childhood.

This one is difficult – my memory is shocking…..

That and the stuff I do remember I am not sure if it could be considered significant!  Awesome yes, but I believe I had a pretty Ordinary Life, just the usual kid stuff.  Thankfully no major drama’s.

I guess the actually only significant memory in my life was the birth of my sister – I was nearly 10 when she was born and I could not imagine my life now without her.

There are some memories that stand out, but for the life of my I don’t know why.

  1. When I was at nursery school, so about 4 one of the girls in my class came back to school after spending a bit of time in hospital.  I remember standing with a group of girls discussing it and asking her how it was. The only thing I remember her saying was that she had to pee with a stick – from her description I now think she had a catheter, but at the time it horrified me.
  2. I was about 5 when my family started shopping around for a caravan….. We went to this one place and they had a tiny caravan.  The perfect size for a 5 year old!  I begged and pleaded – obviously I never got it but I do recall my dad saying that when I was old enough to buy my first car he would buy me that caravan.  I am still waiting – I do remind him from time to time but no joy.
  3. This is not really a memory of an event, but ever since I can remember my parents have said for my 21st I could either have a party or a present.  I had no interest in a party and desperately wanted a flight to London!  Even before I hit high school.  It was just something that I knew I wanted.  I don’t think they expected me to stay away for 6 years though….

It is funny, after I finished writing this other memories came to mind…. When I was about 11 I ordered a steak from a restuarant “medium rare” – the restuarant cooked it” Well Done”.  I was not happy and my dad said I should call the waitress and send it back if I wanted to as it was not what I had requested.  I did, but the waitress did not want to take it back and said to my parents that she had asked the kitchen to make it that way as “all children eat their steaks well done”.  The reason I remember this is that my dad stood up for me.  He asked the waitress how I had asked for it, and if it was cooked as I requested.  He made them get me a steak cooked the way I wanted.  I was a happy bunny.  I now eat my steak Blue or Rare.

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February Blog Challange Day 1

Cupcakemummy is running a blog challange for February – I can’t guarantee that I will do everyday, as I try to avoid my computer on weekends, but I will see how far I get.  As it is I already am 1 day late.

The first of Feb was meant to be a self portrait.

I funnily enough did actually take a photo of myself yesterday – after I drew this picture – of myself drawing this picture.  Does this count as a self portrait…..

A sketch of me sketching me, sketching me.....
A sketch of me sketching me, sketching me…..

And then an actual photo