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Daisy cookies

Now something that makes me happy – daisy cookies.  Made for a friend’s daughter’s Upsy Daisy themed birthday party.

One thing I can say is that heat and humidity are not kind to Royal Icing!


Upsy Daisy Cookies
Upsy Daisy Cookies


Biscuits by Pamela (me)
Biscuits by Pamela (me)


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A handmade Christmas (almost)

This year I decided to make a few of the Christmas gifts, I however ran into a few snags along the way. Actually that is not entirely true, I only ran into one snag but it was pretty major, I ran out of time.

Next Christmas I need to plan better.  This year, although I knew what it was I wanted to make I underestimated the time required to make them. That and the fact that I left it all to the last minute, I am training for a ½ Ironman and I decided to take cookie orders all kind of played against me.

I am however very happy with the gifts that I did manage to make, the others, oh well, the intended recipients will never know that there were actually a few other gifts planned for them.

For both the grannies I made a cushion cover each, out of clothes from Little OL’s first year.  I intend to make a quilt out of the blocks I cut, but realised that I have a few blocks extra, so made 2 cushion covers.  (I still need to make the quilt)

Baby Clothes cut into blocks

I personalised each one a little by making sure at least one block was from an item of clothing that they gave to Little OL.

Baby Clothes Quilted Cushion Cover

Baby Clothes, Quilted Cushion

For my mother-in-law I also baked biscuits.  I saw this tutorial on line with this colour scheme and idea for the Christmas trees and thought it was stunning.  I deviated a little as I was trying to do it from memory but am very happy with the way they came out.

Pink and grey Christmas Cookies

For the Blog Secret Santa that Stiletto Mum was running on her blog I also made a couple of handmade items.  The first item is a notepad I covered.  I used a normal cheap notebook then decorated the cover a bit using dress-making pattern paper, paint, washi tape, printed letters and a fineliner pen.  I am very happy with the way it turned out and hope that the person I gave it to like it.

Handmade notebook cover

The second is a “Best of my Days” calendar using a printable from Ashley at Under the Sycamore.  I printed quite a few of these and gave them to some of my friends and family as well.  Follow the links to have a look – I did not take a photo of them.  (also just a note to add that Ashley’s blog is one of my favourites!!)

There were a few other items that I made as well, but forgot to take photos off – like Christmas Cookies for Little OL’s teachers and cards.

I had planned on make more Christmas Cards but…. next year. My word for 2013 is going to be “DO”

I hope you all had a very good Christmas and a that 2013 brings all you hope for.

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Latest iced cookie attempts

Lately a couple of my friends have been requesting cookies.  Normally I say no.  It is hard work, takes time and generally just ice cookies for fun but over the past month of so I have said yes (extra cash for Christmas……)

Here are some pictures of the ones I did for a Pamper Party.

Lingerie Cookies for a Pamper Party.
Lingerie Cookies for a Pamper Party.


White Lingerie Cookies
White Lingerie Cookies


Black Lingerie Cookies
Black Lingerie Cookies


Pink Lingerie Cookies
Pink Lingerie Cookies




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Cookies, cookies and more cookies

You would have thought that by getting unlimited wifi at home my blogging might have increased.  As you can probably tell, that did not happen.  I have realised that I don’t do internet at home.  When I am at home and Little OL is awake then I will spend the time playing with her.  If she is asleep then I like to do something a bit more creative.

My latest obsession – cookies!  I am going to blame Hayley for this.  After she posted her delicious condensed milk stamped cookies I realised I needed to try them out. And then I realised that I also needed one of those stamps.

Cookie Stamp

So, in the past couple of weeks I have made Hayley’s condensed milk cookies, a short bread biscuit (stamped), a white chocolate and macadamia nut cookie and a chopped nut and choc chip cookie.

Chopped nuts and choc chip cookies

I have also put back most of the weight that I lost!

Little OL has also discovered the joys of licking the spatula!  Hmmm cookie dough.

Finger Licking Good

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More Teddy Bear’s Picnic photos

In addition to my first set of photos, here are some more.

Picnic baskets
Picnic Basket with ciabatta breads for the adults
Honey Sandwiches for the kids"party packs"
Desert Table - the kids filled up their picnic baskets when sweets and goodies from here.
All in all I was very happy with the way everything turned out.  I made almost everything, including the cake stand that the cookies are standing on… yip you read that correctly.  I will share details shortly.