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Tsitsikamma Hike

Ok, so I am going to try and load more photo’s.  For some reason I could not get all of them posted last time.

Tsitsikamma Mountains
Tsitsikamma Mountains
Cooling off
Cooling off
Plett - in the distance
Plett - in the distance
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Tsitsikamma Hike

 So I am back at work.  At least it is a VERY short week.  I might just manage……I had a fantastic time off though and it was a great break.  Of course the best part was seeing my sister, but the rest was pretty good too. 


Other than Ironman, we ate lots of sushi, went to a spa for a massage and went hiking.  We should perhaps of had the massage after the hike but still, it was great.

 The hike was interesting.  We did the Tsitsikamma trail, starting at Blaauwkrans Hut.  Unfortunately we received a phone call from the trail director a few days before we set off saying that they had a fire in the area, and although it had died down it might still affect our last couple of days.  Apparently fires can lie smoldering for about a week?  He said that if we had hot windy days it could flare up again, but he would stay in contact with us and let us know what was going on.

 We set off with this in our minds.  The weather was fantastic for us, but not for the fires.  It was hot!  Luckily it would not affect our first few days and it made for good hiking weather.  We dunked ourselves in every pool or river we could find and it was awesome.  Pretty unusual for the rivers still to be as warm as they were, but then, after the temperature of the sea water last month, most water would feel pretty warm.

 On the 3rd day, as we approached Heuningbos Hut we started to see the smoke and it looked pretty damn close!!!!  I got out my cell phone and called Graeme (trail director).  He said we should not worry about that night, we would be fine as the wind was blowing in the opposite direction and there was indigenous forest between us and the fire but we would not be able to hike the following day.  He was actually on his way to evacuate the people that were staying at the next hut.  Yikes.

We had to cut our hike short by a night and headed back to Port Elizabeth the following morning.  It was a pity, but not something we had any control over.

I was also pretty surprised by my legs.  I handled the walking and even carrying the pack fine.  I thought I might battle a bit doing it so close to IM but no problems. 

 Here are some photographs.


Tsitsikamma Trail
Tsitsikamma Trail Tsitsikamma - smoke from fire near Sleepkloof
Tsitsikamma Mountains.
Tsitsikamma Mountains.
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Finally – some info on Ironman

The problem with being away from the internet for so long, especially when so much is going on that I want to write down everything but can’t. Also it would make for rather boring and confusing reading.


So, the summary is:


My sister arrived safe and sound.

I completed Ironman

I went hiking


Yes, this has been a busy week.



I will start with Ironman! 


WOOOO HOOOO, I think I am still grinning from ear to ear.  Although on the day before the race I was anything but grinning. Infact I was feeling rather panicked and nearly burst into tears! 


Everything was going fine; I did not think I was nervous at all.  I knew I had prepared well, my transition bags were almost packed and I had ticked most of the things of my to-do list and my sister and I decided to go and watch the MTN Corporate Ironman Triathlon which is held the day before the main event.  It is 10% of the Ironman distance and can be a team event.  It is quite fun to watch and we had quite a few friends that were taking part.  We figured we had better go and cheer them on because we knew that they would be cheering for us the following day.


Well, just as I picked up my bag and walked out the house my entire neck, left shoulder, arm and back seized up.  I had done NOTHING and here I suddenly could not move.  I got to my mom and sister in the car and I was in PAIN!  I did not know what to do, but figured it might just go back to normal.  I mean I had not done anything so it could not be an injury…… Could it?????  So we went down to the beach front and it was not getting any better.  I was beginning to get rather stressed.  I had prepared so well for this race and now….  What the HELL was going on.  I was just felt nauseous with worry and did not know what to do.  All I wanted to do was go home crawl into my bed and cry but I knew that was not going to do any good.  I also remembered that at the Ironman Expo there were Physiotherapists giving massages.  Maybe that would help.  I had also been training with a girl who is a chiropractor and knew that if I really was in trouble she would help me out.  I phoned her and asked if she thought I should go for a massage and what advice she could give me.  She said massage, stretch, ice and if it did not get better then I would see her at the race briefing in a couple of hours and we could see then. 


Unfortunately the massages were fully booked – more panic.  Luckily my sister’s friend is a sports therapist and lived just around the corner from the beach.  She called him and he said to come round and he would see if he could help.  Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!!  He massaged my neck and shoulder and it loosened up quite a bit.  I put ice and heat on it when I got home and figured it was a lot better.  Hopefully a good night’s sleep would help.  I was VERY worried though.  Also I felt very guilty bugging these people as they also all had to prepare for the race.


When I woke up in the morning it was fine…. for a whole 10 minutes and then I seized up again.  CRAP!!!  Not good.  But I figured it must just be stress, or at least that was what I was convincing myself it was.  I mean if it was a real injury then it would not have been fine when I would up???  It would be FINE as soon as I was on the start line.  It just had to be.

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I can’t sleep

My sister gets back tomorrow!  I can’t wait. Truthfully I think I am more excited to see her than I am for Ironman. 


We have so much planned – obviously Ironman being one of the things.  But we are also plan on eating a lot of sushi and going hiking.  Although I am not so sure how wise hiking less than a week after completing Ironman is, especially not a 5 day hike, carrying a full pack.  Hmmm, maybe we should rethink that idea.  Or bribe somebody to carry our stuff for us……  Any volunteers????  Nope, I thought not!


Tomorrow is also my last day of work for 20 days!!!!  I have taken leave whilst my sister is here, so I can spend time with her.  With all the public holidays it makes sense.  I don’t need to use up too many leave days.  I doubt I would be very productive during this time anyway. 


Actually I doubt anybody is going to be very productive during this time. Can you believe that this is the last full work week for over a month?  From now on it is either 3 or 4 days a week.  Pure madness…..


So, my blog might (will) be a lot quieter.  I will try and get online quite often, and I will most definitely post how my race went but please bare with me on the silences over the next few weeks.



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Something to look forward to!

I love hiking – I might have mentioned it once or twice on this blog before…..


Well we used to go quite a bit.  There was a stage where we were going on weekend hikes every six weeks or so and then….. nothing.  We just stopped going, or I just stopped going.  Actually I am not really sure what happened.  I suppose we got animals and responsibilities and life just got in the way?


Well, that is all going to change!!!!  I am already scheduled to go on two hikes this year – and I can’t wait.  This time though they are going to be longer hikes.  5 or 6 day hikes.  The best kind!  I like them because you really feel like you are getting a holiday and away from it all!  You get to really relax!


I am so excited! 


The one is a trail I have done a number of times before, but never all in one sitting.  It is quite close to where we live so it is the one we usually break down into weekend sections.  This time we are doing 5 days all in one go!  Whoo hooo.  It is the Tsitsikamma Hiking Trail.  My sister will be down from England so it will be awesome to do it with her and my mom and my husband, amongst others.


The other trail is one that I have wanted to do for a very long time, but it is usually booked out quite far in advance.  So this time we booked quite far in advance.  It is called the Whale Trail and is in the Western Cape.  The best time of year to go is July – October because you are almost guaranteed to see whales frolicking along the coast!  It is also a 5 day trail.


They should both be fantastic!!!