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Just a few

Here are a couple of photos that I took with my digital camera.  I can’t wait to get the others developed.  For now I am going to leave you with this and a promise that I will write more detail shortly!!

Looking over the Breede River Valley
Looking over the Breede River Valley


Looking over the De Hoop Nature Reserve toward the sea.
Looking over the De Hoop Nature Reserve toward the sea.


Whale watching from afar
Whale watching from afar


Walking towards the 3rd hut.
Walking towards the 3rd hut.


Cormorants nesting - with chicks (very cute)
Cormorants nesting - with chicks (very cute)


Some whales - not cooperating!
Some whales - not cooperating!
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Back in town!

I am back and everything I have ever read about the Whale Trail is true!  It is FANTASTIC.  I had an awesome time and would well recommend it. 

I will post pictures and more info shortly.  All I will say for now is it must have some of the nicest and best equipped hiking huts in the country.  The staff are so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and the trail very well maintained. 

We left PE on Wednesday and got back yesterday.  It is quite a drive (7 hours) but not unbearable.  You don’t walk on the first day so that is fine, but yesterday was a bit of a rush.  It might have been better to stay another night in the area and only drive back today, but unfortunately we could not because of leave constraints…. 

I took my old film camera so will have to wait to get the photo’s developed….  It’s been a while since I used it but it is a better camera than my digital so I thought I would try it out again.  It was actually quite fun and will be interesting to see how the pictures come out.  I am so used to instant gratification of the digital that this is quite novel.  I hopefully will be able to convert (or at the worst scan) some of the photos so you can see how beautiful it was. 

And it lived up to its name – we saw LOADS of whales and some of them were really close in to shore.

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General Update.

So I thought I had better do a general update post – what is going on!! 

Well I suppose the quick answer would be nothing much.  Which is probably why I have not been posting?  But seeing as have a blog I suppose I had better put something on it!  I have been blogging for nearly 3 years and besides when I am on holiday and don’t have access to the internet this is the slackest I have been.  Yes, the guilt is setting in. 

So – update…. 

I am 9.5 weeks pregnant – not far at all.  I put on a bit of weight initially (the only way to keep the nausea at bay was to eat) but seem to have lost it again.  Besides the nausea and fat (possibly bloated) stomach is the only different I have seen is my boobs!!!!!  I have a cleavage.  Quite a substantial one!  Wow….  Let’s hope they don’t continue to grow at this rate. After nine months I won’t be able to stand upright.  People are going to start calling me Pammy for another reason besides it being my name. 

In other news, I am going hiking soon and can’t wait.  It is still a couple of weeks away but I am really looking forward to it.  We are going to do the Whale Trail in the De Hoop Nature Reserve in the Western Cape.  It is whale season, so hopefully we see lots of them.  I am also hoping it warms up slightly!!  It is 12º Celsius in Port Elizabeth today.  I know that is not that cold to people living in some other places but we are not prepared for weather like this.  We don’t even own a single heater!!!  Lots of layers of clothing are required the minute we step inside the fridge that we call home. 

I have been really slack on the exercise front as well.  I have just been feeling so listless and nauseus and cold that the last thing I have felt like doing was going for a run or a swim.  I WILL start again soon.  I bought a book called Exercising duing pregnancy but have not read it yet.  There are certain smells that make me want to gag at the moment – mostly chemical smells – and that book has it.  I tried to start but it was not pleasant.  Maybe in a few weeks time when the nauseas abates….. 

Hmmm, any other news??? Nope, not really.  I am still here, still alive and everything seems to be going well.  I have another appointment in 2 weeks time and then another scan at week 12.  boy, oh boy am I glad that I decided to add the saver section to my hospital plan this year…..

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I can’t sleep

My sister gets back tomorrow!  I can’t wait. Truthfully I think I am more excited to see her than I am for Ironman. 


We have so much planned – obviously Ironman being one of the things.  But we are also plan on eating a lot of sushi and going hiking.  Although I am not so sure how wise hiking less than a week after completing Ironman is, especially not a 5 day hike, carrying a full pack.  Hmmm, maybe we should rethink that idea.  Or bribe somebody to carry our stuff for us……  Any volunteers????  Nope, I thought not!


Tomorrow is also my last day of work for 20 days!!!!  I have taken leave whilst my sister is here, so I can spend time with her.  With all the public holidays it makes sense.  I don’t need to use up too many leave days.  I doubt I would be very productive during this time anyway. 


Actually I doubt anybody is going to be very productive during this time. Can you believe that this is the last full work week for over a month?  From now on it is either 3 or 4 days a week.  Pure madness…..


So, my blog might (will) be a lot quieter.  I will try and get online quite often, and I will most definitely post how my race went but please bare with me on the silences over the next few weeks.



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Something to look forward to!

I love hiking – I might have mentioned it once or twice on this blog before…..


Well we used to go quite a bit.  There was a stage where we were going on weekend hikes every six weeks or so and then….. nothing.  We just stopped going, or I just stopped going.  Actually I am not really sure what happened.  I suppose we got animals and responsibilities and life just got in the way?


Well, that is all going to change!!!!  I am already scheduled to go on two hikes this year – and I can’t wait.  This time though they are going to be longer hikes.  5 or 6 day hikes.  The best kind!  I like them because you really feel like you are getting a holiday and away from it all!  You get to really relax!


I am so excited! 


The one is a trail I have done a number of times before, but never all in one sitting.  It is quite close to where we live so it is the one we usually break down into weekend sections.  This time we are doing 5 days all in one go!  Whoo hooo.  It is the Tsitsikamma Hiking Trail.  My sister will be down from England so it will be awesome to do it with her and my mom and my husband, amongst others.


The other trail is one that I have wanted to do for a very long time, but it is usually booked out quite far in advance.  So this time we booked quite far in advance.  It is called the Whale Trail and is in the Western Cape.  The best time of year to go is July – October because you are almost guaranteed to see whales frolicking along the coast!  It is also a 5 day trail.


They should both be fantastic!!!

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Awesome, awesome, awesome

We did the Robberg hike near Plettenberg Bay.  Although I have done this a number of times as a day hike  I have never slept over.  It is so beautiful and the hut very well equiped. 

The hike is a lot harder when you have a pack with you, especially when you over cater but was really fantastic.  We spotted lots of seals and dolphins.  We even managed to sight a few whales and a Hammerhead Shark! 

The only negative was finding a scorpion in my bed, but at least I spotted him before I climbed in!

For the rest I will let the photo’s speak for themselves.

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Rain, rain


We are supposed to be going hiking this weekend……




The weather forecast?????  Worst rains seen in the areas for the past 10 years!  Hmmmph, let’s hope they are wrong.  I have really been looking forward to this and if the weather continues as it is the hike will be cancelled.  So much for our summer, we are having worse weather than we did most of the winter!


Oh well…