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Urban Run – PE

I am slowly getting back into training – very slowly.  But I am enjoying it again although I really need to cycle more …. cough, Ok, I really need to get on my bike!!! I have not sat on it since the 16 June 2009 – the day I was pregnant with Little OL.  (I don’t think I can call her a baby any longer).  The East London 70.3 is approaching very quickly.

In the meantime though, my brother, sister and I have entered as a team for The Urban Run on the weekend and I am really looking forward to it.  It is an urban obstacle course over 12 km.  I figured between my brother and sister then could push, pull or shove me over the obstacles. 

I have never done anything like this before so it should be interesting.  Is anyone else doing it?

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Is he yours???

This cat has decided to make himself at home in our front garden.  He is very friendly, gets on well with children and other cats but he is not neutered.  I don’t know if he is somebody in the neighbourhooods or if he has decided to adopt us.  Personally I think he has the hots for Miss Molly – our little black cat. 

I want somebody to claim him – so I can shout at them for not having him neutered.  And if he is not anyones then I think a trip to the vets is called for.  And a name….

The funny part is that when my sister was the age that Baby OL is now a ginger cat adopted our family then and stayed with us for 18 years until he passed away. They look VERY similar.

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A mini outing

On Saturday morning we went to Elephant Walk.  On the first Saturday of each month they have a car boot sale, as well as the permanent Farm Stall and antiques shop.  I have cycled past it many times when training, but have never been inside.  I decided that this weekend was time to rectify that.

I even managed to drag Mr OL with me – I think it was the mention of Farm Stall that got him salivating…  What can I say – we like food.

Well, the car-boot sale was just that and after a brief walk around we headed for the food.  YUM!  We will be going back.  The veggies and things were great, and they had fresh bread.  We bought a few things and headed home.  Lunch was thick sandwiches made with the fresh bread, butter lettuce, tomatoes and mustard all bought at the farm stall.  We also added a bit of Brie cheese. 

They also have a restaurant, but I did not go inside or look around.  Will have to do that next time.

Of course I forgot to take my camera!  Once again… bad blogger.  At least I did take pictures at home of Baby OL eating the bread.

Hmmm Bread!
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A lost opportunity?

Alan over at My PE has asked an interesting question.

He asked if Ironman has lost it’s public appeal.  I VEHEMENTLY denied that this is the case as the crowds supporting were larger than ever but I do agree with his answer to my comment.  More should be done to advertise our beautiful city.  Much, much more!

We have one of the most beautiful cities anywhere!  Our beaches are safe to swim at, our climate is great, we have fantastic roads to train on, we have top game farms close by and yet our tourism attractions are closing down. Why is this and who is to blame?  Is it the people that live in PE, is it the organisations that should be promoting PE, or is it just that our attractions are not in line with what tourists want when they come to a city. (FireFly – opinions would be greatly appreciated)

I agree with Alan that we have lost out on a great marketing opportunity in not getting more video footage out there.  Not making sure it was on the news (dratted Charl Schwartzel going and stealing our thunder) on every radio station and in all the national papers.

This event filled our city, now we just need to find a way to sure that these people come back, tell their friends about it and that they broadcast how fantastic the race and city was.  Everyone I know that has competed raves about the race and the city. We need more people raving about it.

I know that there are a lot of people working very hard to promote our city, but it is down to each and every individual that lives here.  We need to get the word out that this is a fantastic place to live and visit.

Crowds lined up at the start of IMSA 2011


Raynard Tissink, out the water after the first lap of the swim


Chrissie Wellington running her way to victory
Some of the supports lining the roads
One of my friends with her daughter cheering her on.


Crowds at the Finish Line


If you have a look at the photos and not just at the athletes you will see that there is HUGE crowd support.  We just need to broadcast it a bit.

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I need to go for a run!

It is the SpecSavers Ironman South Africa this Sunday – and I feel like crying.

Last year I did not mind that much that I was not competing. Baby OL was only a couple of months old, but this year….. 

It just feels like I have gone from being this fit person who did stuff to, well….  I don’t know exactly.  To somebody who does nothing.  I know, I have a beautiful little girl, who I would not trade for the world and that priorities change and blah blah blah, but that does not help how I am feeling right now, ok it does a little bit but not much.  I also know that a lot of it is my own fault and although I could not have done Ironman I could b e a lot fitter. 

I went down to the beachfront today and they are busy setting up. The transition area is ready, the flags are flying it looks exciting.  I want to be there on the start line!  But in consolation I am going to do the swim for our company team in the Corporate Challenge. At least it is something I suppose!

Me, in 2009
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My swim – AWESOME!

My first open water swim in nearly two years was AWESOME!!!!!  I could not have picked a better day for it.  The sea was flat, cool and crystal clear.  I did not go that far but enjoyed what I did.  And my wetsuit still fits, although a bit tighter….. 

The sea was so clear that I even saw fish and rays.  Most of the time I just floated about looking down (thinking shark bait).  I have missed it so much.  Trust me to start at the end of the season again.  Oh well, there are still a few weeks left.

Baby OL at the beach
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7 Things…

7 things….. 

Phew, I am not sure what there is that you don’t already know about me.

  1. Like Hayley who gave me this award (Thank you) I love South Africa.  I have lived in 6 different countries and visited quite a few more and still think this one is best!  I am not oblivious to its faults and I not always confident that it is heading in the right direction but I love it anyway.  I love the colour, the vibrancy and the noise.  I love the mountains and the beaches and the open space of the Karroo.  I love the faces, the smiles and the friendly greetings.  I love living here!

  2.  I get bored easily and it is a major problem!  I never stick to one thing, I have no idea what it is that I want to do with my life and by now (38) I really should have some sort of vague clue.  That saying “Jack or all trades but master of none” is very true for me.  I can do a lot of things reasonably well but have not mastered any one thing.  Hmmm…..
  3. I am surprised by how much I am enjoying Baby OL.  I always thought that I would not enjoy the “baby” stage but I love it!  It does help that she is a total little angel and has only woken once in the middle of the night in the past 4 months.  (Please don’t hate me).  She goes to bed at 7 and wakes up around 6 or 7 the following morning.

  4. Different cultures and traditions fascinate me. 
  5. I never thought I would get married. I did not picture it in my future at all.  I never dreamt about meeting that one or spending my life with one person.  I used to fear all forms of commitment and would not even sign a permanent job contract.  I worked as a temp for many years and only had my first permanent job when I was 28.  The job I have now has been my longest @ 3.5 years.  I would not even sign a lease agreement before.  Now I own property, am married and have a baby…   I used to think the Dido song “Life for Rent” pretty much summed up how I lived.  I worry it still does to a degree…

  6.   I have NEVER been on a diet.  If I think that I should maybe on one then I instantly start eating like a horse.  If I feel that I need to lose weight I start to do more exercise.  Usually that helps because I feel healthier and it has a knock on effect, the better I feel the healthier I eat and so on.
  7. When I was 12 I was told by the art teacher at my primary school that I had no artistic talent and art was not a subject that I should take in high school.  Thankfully art was actually a compulsory subject for the first two years while I was at high school and the teacher there was FANTASTIC!!!! She was encouraging and I was even made Art Monitor.  I did however carry the belief that I could not paint and so did not do art as an elective subject when the opportunity arose.  I did thankfully keep drawing and still do.  I even started art classes in 2000 and LOVED it.  Talent or not I now love painting and drawing and have actually sold quite a few of my art works.  It is something I am very proud off.  I am amazed that somebody that is supposed to nurture talent could destroy a child’s confidence like that.  I was even more upset because she said it when I was showing her a picture I was extremely proud of and still remember what it was off.  I now wish I had kept it, but I was so upset I scrunched it up and threw it in the bin. 

So, that is pretty much me.

I  have not tagged anybody, so if you  feel like doing it  please go ahead, just let me know in the comments so I can come and read what you have written (I am curious like that…) (is that No.8?)

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Just a few things…

I found this on Jess Giggles and as I have hit a bit of writers block today I thought this might be fun. 

1. What bill do you hate paying the most?

The water bill on a house that I rent out. 

I feel it should be the tenant’s responsibility to pay it.  Every month when I pay that bill it really grates! Especially as we have water restrictions and they have done nothing to lower their consumption.  I am very water conscious at home and here I have to pay for people that don’t seem to care.  I moved to a different rental agency about 3 years ago and they always include it in the rent so that there are no “fights” to try and get the water municipality’s payment.  Makes sense but still grates!!!

2. Where was the last place you had a romantic dinner?

Fushin Sushi on Thursday night (see post below)

3. What do you really want to be doing right now?

Counting my lotto winnings…… 🙂

4. How many schools did you attend?

3 in total.  2 primary and 1 senior.

5. Why did you choose the shirt that you have on right now?

It has long sleeves and I was cold.  I should have put a jacket on too though.

6. What are your thoughts on petrol prices?

Surely with the strong Rand they should be lower?

7. First thought when you woke up this morning?

I am going to kill that cat!

8. Last thought before going to sleep last night?

If those cats wake the baby again tomorrow morning I am going to kill them! (Anybody want two cats – house trained and make really good alarm clocks)

Going cheap - already gift wrapped...

9. Do you miss being a child?

Not at all!!!

10. What errand/chore do you despise?

I would despise ironing if I did it, but I don’t.  Why?  Well because I told Mr OL before we got engaged that I NEVER EVER, EVER iron and if he wants anything ironed he either needs to do it himself or get a domestic worker.  Guess what happened?

11. Get up early or sleep in?

Get up early

12. Have you found real love yet?


13. Favorite lunch meat?

I don’t like lunch meat.

14. What do you get most times you go into a grocery store?


15. Beach or lake?

I have to say beach because I LOVE the sea, but I am not a fan of sand.

16. Do you think marriage is an outdated ritual?

Yes.  I have a lot of friends that feel their husbands gave up trying as soon as they got married.

17. Sopranos or Desperate Housewives?

I have never watched Sopranos so I guess it is Desperate Housewives

18. What famous person would you like to have dinner with?

I have a schoolgirl crush on Zac Efron – although I don’t think dinner is what I would be thinking about.  And yes, I do realise he is 15 years younger than me…..

Zac Efron


Photo from HERE

19. Have you ever crashed your vehicle?

Yes, although it was not my fault, some #$%$^$@$#%#@% arse crashed head-on into my brand new car.  We were lucky to be alive!

20. Ever had to use a fire extinguisher for its intended purpose?

Yes, see above. 

21. Ring tone?

Normal telephone ringing?  Not sure what it is called.

22. Strangest place you have ever brushed your teeth?

Well, my teeth are always in my mouth and I don’t really consider that to be strange……

23. Somewhere in South Africa you’ve never been and would like to go?

Natal Midlands

Natal Midlands

Photo from HERE

24. Do you go to church?


25. At this point in your life would you rather start a new career or a new relationship?

Career – I am happily married. 

Our wedding

26. How old are you?

15 years older than Zac Efron…

27. Do you have a go-to person?

Yes, 2.  My sister and my mom.

28. Are you where you want to be in life?

No, but I am happy.

29. Growing up, what were your favourite cartoons?

I did not really have any. We did not watch TV much when we were growing up.  But I had a Noddy doll that I loved.

30. What about you do you think has changed the most?

I used to be a drunken party animal – and now I am a sensible, sporty, if somewhat boring mom.

Ironman Finish 2009

31. Looking back at high school were they the best years of your life?

Nope, I would rate them my worst.

32. Are there times you still feel like a kid?

Yes, I get pretty excited about stuff and start to jump up and down.

33. Do you have a pager?

Nope, never have.

34. Where was the hang out spot when you were a teenager?

At one of my friend’s parent’s houses.

35. Were you the type of kid you would want your children to hang out with?


36. Who do you think impacted your life the most?

I would say my parents.

37. Was there a teacher or authority figure that stood out for you?

The headmaster of our school, Mr Bernard Simpson and the art teacher Mrs Carol Vogel.  I remember them both very fondly.

38. Do you tell stories that start with “when I was your age”?

Not really

39. What was the first new car you purchased?

Out the box new car – a Renault Clio – which was written off after 4 months (see above).  Thankfully the insurance company replaced it.  My very first car was a Ford Escort that I bought from my parents.  I had that for about 9 years until it fell apart from the rust.

40. What is the scariest thing that has happened to you as an adult?

I became a parent

19 Feb 2010

41. What advice would you give to someone about to get married?


Ok, do but don’t expect it always to be easy. Or that there won’t be days when you want to throttle the other person. Talk about it and move on.

42. What’s your favourite room in your home and why?

I don’t really have one favourite room.  It depends on the time of the day. Sometimes the sun is in the lounge in the late afternoon and it is nice to sit there and warm up.  Other times it might be the kitchen, or lately in my baby’s nursery while I give her, her last feed of the day before she goes to bed.  She is quiet and just lies looking up at me, sometimes falling asleep in my arms.  I love that.

Baby OL's Nursery

43. What advice would you give someone starting their first job?

Don’t do what I did.

44. If you could go back and change one thing you did, what would it be?

I suppose I would have to say nothing, because everything I have done has led to this place.

45. If you could go back and change one thing someone else did, what would it be?

I would change my parents’ rule of “children should be seen and not heard”.  They were VERY strict about it and I was never given the opportunity to speak to adults.  For a very long time I battled speaking to people older than me, even if only by a few year.  I really battled at work because I was so intimidated and lacked the confidence to voice my opinions.