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So I am surprised!

I know I don’t write much about being pregnant (except that I am) so thought it is about time. 

Truthfully I was dreading the thought of being pregnant.  It was not something I have ever wanted to do.  I know there are woman that dream of the day when they find out they are pregnant – I was not one of those girls.  The whole idea scared the crap out of me and the thought of something growing inside me like an alien was not an appealing.  I avoided pregnant woman and thought they looked uncomfortable and freakish.  I thought they must be embarrassed to look like that.  I mean first of all the only way to get in that state was to have had “gasp” SEX!!! and now the whole word knew that you “did it”.  Secondly you were well, pregnant!  I had decided very early on that if I was going to have children they were all going to be adopted (I think I first mentioned this to my mom when I was about 5).  There was no way I was going to risk loosing my boobs or my stretch-mark-free tummy.  I had seen what it (I) did to my mother! 

Then I met Mr OL – he really wanted kids and before we got married he said to me that I needed to decide.  Either we were having kids or we did not get married.  Well, by that stage I was 35 and it is true about that damn clock!  I began to worry that maybe I would actually be missing out on something.  Maybe having kids of my own might not be the worst thing in the world that happened to me (I just ignored the fact that I would actually need to be pregnant to get them) and I agreed. 

After getting married I could only put off the inevitable for so long.  Time was clashing by and I think Mr OL was beginning to think I might have changed my mind.  We had said we would wait a year but it was approaching two years…… 

I completed Ironman South Africa in April and decided then I would make a concerted effort.  I would watch the dates and visit my doctor for a check up just to make sure that there was nothing wrong – had been off birth control since our first wedding anniversary 9 months before so you never know.  As it turned out I never managed to get to go for those tests as we found out I was pregnant on the 16 June. 

So how did I feel?  Excited and nervous; I was pregnant for goodness sake?  Not a state I have thought I would ever want to be in.  I also knew that although Mr OL wanted children he felt the same about pregnant woman and their “appeal” as I did.  I was very worried that the next nine months were going to be terrible. 

So how do I feel now 6 months down the line???  I would have to say my biggest feeling would be surprise!  I am surprised at how much I am enjoying being pregnant.  Yes, I said ENJOYING being pregnant.  I have not had a single thought of “aliens” and I know I have been lucky so far in that it has been an easy pregnancy.  I was nauseous from weeks 7 – 14 and I have had a few migraines and bad headaches but nothing to serious.  I have had to go to the chiropractor twice because of server pains in by back and butt, but generally everything is fine.  I have not had heartburn (yet), I have not had much trouble sleeping, I don’t feel too uncomfortable most of the time or that this is dragging. Can you believe that I am about to enter my 3rd trimester and that I only have 3 months left.  I have kept swimming and about 1.5km 3 times a week and have also started yoga for pregnant woman so am at least keeping active.  Everyone keeps asking how the pregnancy is going and all I can say is fine.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  It is going fine.  I have no complaints. 

And my body constantly amazes me.  I know I said this when I was training for IM but this is a different kind of amazement.  When you train you see the result of the work you put in.  You can go faster, go longer, see the change in shape but it is all a result of work you have done.  Now my body is changing shape and I am just a bystander.  It is doing it all by itself.  Who know that my body knew how to do all this…?  Pregnancy no longer freaks me out.  I am enjoying seeing the changes, feeling the kicks and knowing that a little person is growing inside. 

Who knows, I might even post a belly picture soon…..

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Exercise and Pregnancy.

I decided to do a post about exercising and pregnancy.  Now as a disclaimer before I write I want to reiterate that I am NOT medically qualified.  Do NOT take what I write as the only way to do things and most importantly before starting (or continuing) an exercise program when pregnant CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR!!! 

That said: 

Mr OL and I decided that we would start trying to have a baby after we had been married a year – which was in August 2008.  I was quite into triathlons and running was worried that if I fell pregnant I would need to stop doing this.  So I started looking online for examples of people who had run through their pregnancy, what their experiences were and how long they were able to keep running.  I also spoke to a number of running friends and found out about their experiences. 

I also found some blogs of girls that were triathletes and moms and read what they had done.  Some good examples that I found were Bree Wee, Mama Simmons and Rachel’s blog, Run like a MotherBree Wee is a professional triathlete and her blog is very informative (and fun to read).  Mama Simmon’s has a few links to girls that were pregnant at the same time as her and continuted running.  I also went onto various forums to see what else I could find out.  In the mean time I started training for Ironman South Africa (and hoped to hell I did not fall pregnant as it grew closer and closer to the race).  Luckily I am good at counting so odds were against it. 

After IM we all know what happened.  One of the first things one of MR OL’s friends said to me was “now you have to stop all that nonsense.”  Cough, cough uhhh ‘scuse me!!!  No I don’t.  Just because I am pregnant does not mean that need to stop anything.  I bought James Clapp’s book “Exercising through your pregnancy” and started reading. 

Here is what I found out (remember that this is only my interpretation of what I have read).  Running is fine, swimming is fine, dancing is fine (except I have no rhythm and being pregnant is not going to help), aerobics is fine (except see previous post), cycling is fine and so is pretty much everything else with moderation.  With the exception of deep sea diving and high altitudes if you don’t already live up there.  Cycling is also not advised as your pregnancy progresses but just because your centre of balance is off and you might fall (or I might fall as I wobble a bit anyway). 

You can carry on running (or whatever) right through your pregnancy – with the consent of your doctor.  However if it is a low risk, normal pregnancy there should be no problems.  Obviously doing a marathon at high speed is not advised.  But your normal jog around the block(s) is actually recommended.  That old rule of not getting your heart rate above 140 has gone out the window.  Now it is recommend that you go on Rate of Perceived Exertion.  Moderate to moderate/hard is recommend.  Basically you should be able to hold a conversation (with a bit of puffing).  Just as well that HR thing went out the window, mine gets up there just buy walking around the block (I have a high HR what can I say). 

Now to the interesting things I found out while reading James Clapp’s book.  People who exercised throughout their pregnancy picked up less weight, delivered babies that had a lower fat percentage (but were the same size atomically) and were less likely to deliver late.  There were no instances were exercise had caused a baby to be born prematurely or that exercising had caused any other problems.  In fact babies of mothers who exercised were more able to cope with trauma’s during pregnancy like dehydration or hemorrhaging because the placenta was better developed.  The most interesting fact that I picked up though was of mothers who had exercised then stopped in the 3rd trimester.  Their weight caught up to and sometimes exceeded the mothers that had not exercised at all.  Their babies were quite a bit fatter and they were more likely to deliver late.  It seems to me that either exercise or don’t – but don’t’ stop ½ way!!! 

He also found that exercising moms coped better with labour, but that it did not affect duration. 

The risks people associate with exercising are that the baby will overheat or that when you exercise your blood flows away from your internal organs.  Apparently your body is designed to cope with these and protects the baby.  It appears from their research that exercising moms are more able to cope with heat than non exercising (benefit to me seeing as I will be pregnant in summer) and that yes, the blood does flow away from the internal organs including the womb, but in exercising moms the placenta is better developed, the babies heart rate also increases but not dangerously so, and the baby slows down its movement while you are exercising as if to conserve energy.  From all their tests there were not instances where this caused trauma or distress to the baby. 

Obviously there are quite a few exercises and conditions in which you should not exercise, like in excessive heat or that yoga done in a hot room and stuff like that.  You also need to make sure that you don’t dehydrate (good advice for any athlete).   Also if you are a competitive athlete you will need to cut back, but for the general recreational athlete, in consultation with her doctor it seems as if running (or jumping up and down in an aerobics room) is fine.  They do recommend that towards the end you use some support of some kind because the reason most women stop is comfort.  

Now my personal experience: I was running up till 6 weeks, in fact the morning I found out I had been for a 10km run and felt great.  However the next week morning sickness hit and I just did not feel like running or doing much of anything.  So I stopped.  I have since been walking quite a bit, including a 55km 5 day hike and been for a few shorter slow runs.  I feel a lot better now and am missing it a lot.  I will start again slowly and have set myself a goal (I don’t function without them).  As far as cycling goes – I stopped the day I found out.  I don’t want to take the chance.  I am not the best cyclist and although I have not fallen a lot, I have fallen so with my balance off it would be too risky.  I might get on the stationary bike at the gym when it gets too hot to run outside.  I also can’t wait for the weekly sea swims to start again but am worried that I won’t fit into my wetsuit.  I HATE cold water.  I am going to try and run/swim for as long as I can.  Hopefully throughout my entire pregnancy.  I will let you know how it goes. 

As for my goal – it is a triathlon 2 months after the baby is born.  It is a very short one – even shorter than a sprint.  I will see how I feel (I might not want to sit on my bike just yet). 

There is so much more that I could write and probably should, but for now I am going to stop there.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask ….. your doctor!!  Or me if you want.

If you are pregnant and want to know more I would seriously recommend reading Bree Wee’s blog about when she was pregant and what she did.  Her child is now 3.

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General Update

I have been a very bad blogger!  Here are some updates. 

On Tuesday Mr OL and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary.  In some instances it has flown by and in others it seems as if we have always been together.   Mr OL took me out for dinner and by that I mean I told him he was taking me out, booked the restaurant and told him the time and place.  I kindly let him pay (the taking me out part).  I think he might have realized just how much being pregnant has made me go off meat.  His very carnivorous wife went to her favourite steakhouse and ordered the vegetarian platter.  It was actually very good. 

On Saturday I was feeling quite good so I went for my first run in a while.  Oh boy!!!  I did not realise just how quickly I would loose some of my fitness.  I intended on running 10km but settled for a very slow 7km.  It was good to be out again – but then the weather turned all nasty on me and I have not been out again.  This weekend I promise!! 

I posted the pictures of our 12 week scan.  It is actually the scan where they do the NT Test and some blood test to check to see if it is a high risk pregnancy with regards to Down’s syndrome and other chromosomal problems.  The scan looked good and the neck fold was 1.31mm which is considered good.  Anything under 3mm is good.  I am still waiting for the combined results and should get them on Monday afternoon or Tuesday.  I think after that I will calm down and enjoy this pregnancy a bit more.  I think because of my age I am a bit worried.  I will also be in my 2nd trimester from next week and I have heard that is better….  Not that I have been that sick or anything.  Just the occasional migraine and wave of nausea, but nothing compared to what some people go through. 

I did buy the first baby toy yesterday.  It is a fluffy sheep that snores.  I was in hysterics in the shop so had to get it.  Its tummy moves up and down as it snores as well.  My dogs are not so sure and Daisy started to growl at it.  We then “introduced” them and she just sat and stared at it.  Another funny thing that happened yesterday was that there was a baby crying on the TV.  Both my dogs jumped up and started staring at the TV.  They don’t usually pay much attention to the noises on the TV.  I rewound it and played it back to them.  After the 3rd time they got bored and ignored it.  It will be interesting to see how the react to a real baby.  I am sure that Duke will be all protective and Daisy will just want it to get a bit bigger so she could run around with it.  

Well – that’s all for now.  HOME TIME!!  And weekend.  Have a great one.

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General Update.

So I thought I had better do a general update post – what is going on!! 

Well I suppose the quick answer would be nothing much.  Which is probably why I have not been posting?  But seeing as have a blog I suppose I had better put something on it!  I have been blogging for nearly 3 years and besides when I am on holiday and don’t have access to the internet this is the slackest I have been.  Yes, the guilt is setting in. 

So – update…. 

I am 9.5 weeks pregnant – not far at all.  I put on a bit of weight initially (the only way to keep the nausea at bay was to eat) but seem to have lost it again.  Besides the nausea and fat (possibly bloated) stomach is the only different I have seen is my boobs!!!!!  I have a cleavage.  Quite a substantial one!  Wow….  Let’s hope they don’t continue to grow at this rate. After nine months I won’t be able to stand upright.  People are going to start calling me Pammy for another reason besides it being my name. 

In other news, I am going hiking soon and can’t wait.  It is still a couple of weeks away but I am really looking forward to it.  We are going to do the Whale Trail in the De Hoop Nature Reserve in the Western Cape.  It is whale season, so hopefully we see lots of them.  I am also hoping it warms up slightly!!  It is 12º Celsius in Port Elizabeth today.  I know that is not that cold to people living in some other places but we are not prepared for weather like this.  We don’t even own a single heater!!!  Lots of layers of clothing are required the minute we step inside the fridge that we call home. 

I have been really slack on the exercise front as well.  I have just been feeling so listless and nauseus and cold that the last thing I have felt like doing was going for a run or a swim.  I WILL start again soon.  I bought a book called Exercising duing pregnancy but have not read it yet.  There are certain smells that make me want to gag at the moment – mostly chemical smells – and that book has it.  I tried to start but it was not pleasant.  Maybe in a few weeks time when the nauseas abates….. 

Hmmm, any other news??? Nope, not really.  I am still here, still alive and everything seems to be going well.  I have another appointment in 2 weeks time and then another scan at week 12.  boy, oh boy am I glad that I decided to add the saver section to my hospital plan this year…..

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The funny and the not so funny

Sorry not been posting much lately. 

I have been feeling rather crappy and ended up taking yesterday off work.  Pregnancy induced migraines – what fun!!!  So I managed to avoid morning sickness and end up throwing up from a migraine?  Apparently it is normal and has to do with the hormones.  I can’t believe that some of you have voluntarily done this more than once.  Yes, I know, I will forget all about it as soon as I hold the little one…At the moment that feels very far away. 

But in more fun news we managed to get to the National Arts Festival held in Grahamstown.  It was fantastic – well not the whole festival but the shows we went to were very good.  Mr OL and two other men he works with arranged the whole trip; the shows, accommodation etc.  All us wives needed to do was go with. They did a very great job. 

We caught 4 shows, which were Banana Republic (quite good), DeKaf with Sivuyile Ngesi (brilliant), Laugh with David Newton (also brilliant) and Koch Up with Conrad Koch a ventriloquist (most laughed at but it was because he kept picking on people from our group). 

We also walked around the stalls and I must say I was a bit disappointed.  I am not sure what I was expecting but there was not much that was not there 6 years ago (last time I went).  Who buys didgeridoo’s out side of Australia, who wears tie died tights and tops besides the other stall holders?  There were a few things new I suppose but oddly enough the only things that Mr OL and I bought were both food related.  Me a LARGE jar of olives and Mr OL a bottle of hot sauce. 

We stayed in the Victoria Primary School hostels, which were very nice.  We were 6 people and manged to get a 7 bed dorm so were not sharing with people that we did not know.  It was very clean and beside old springs and mattresses on the beds very comfortable. 

The shows however were the highlights.  If you get the opportunity to watch any of them I would seriously recommend them – especially David Newton and Sivuyile Ngesi (David Newton produces and co-writes his show too).  I have seen David Newton before and although I enjoyed his previous show – Politically Incorrect – this one I found much better.  It was not as crude but just funny. 

We got back on Sunday morning and I had a slight headache which by Sunday Afternoon was a full blown migraine.  Not a fun way to end a funny and fantastic weekend.

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Feeling icky

Edited to clarify:

Ok, so I went from feeling no unpleasant side effects of being pregnant to feeling decidedly icky in one day – yesterday!  It feels like a hangover (but isn’t) that just won’t go away.  Well I suppose this (entire pregnacy) is a result of too much alcohol too…..  We are blaming a night filled with red wine and dart games.  We have jokingly said if it is a girl we need to call her Arabella after the bottle(s) of wine we had (on the night we think we concieved). 

But dammit all!  I am just hoping and praying that I don’t get Morning Sickness as bad as my mom had it with me.  She was vomiting for 9 months.  The day after she had me she was a kilogram lighter than the day she fell pregnant, so much for picking up weight.  The bonus is that she has never picked that weight back up again.

But I am confident – it is not going to happen to me.  I am not going to be sick for 9 months, or even 9 weeks, hopefully not even 9 days.  The power of positive thinking……  Normally I am pretty good at it, and will myself not to get flu or a cold or whatever and it usually works.  Hopefully it works with this too. 

Also my running and stuff has taken a bit of a back seat.  Not so much because I am pregnant, more because it has been so flippen cold (for us) that I just can’t face heading out in that weather.   I have decided that I will not cycle till after I have had the baby.  I don’t want to fall of or anything like that.  However, I am really excited about getting back in the pool though.  I have heard it is good whilst preggies and just as well I thoroughly enjoy it.  This weekend there is a midwinter 1 km ocean swim race, but I am a bit chicken for cold weather and water.  I should maybe do it though.  I don’t think I will fit in my wetsuit this summer.

I am going for my first scan on Monday – quite excited.