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Vote – boy or girl?

So, based on yesterday’s photos it seems that most people seem to think I am going to have a boy, except maybe 6000 who thinks it is possible that it might be a girl, but more than likely a boy.  Most people who meet me also seem to think boy, except for one person who said she knows things like that and ALWAYS gets it right. She has said girl. 

So, I thought I would take guesses and see in about 2 or so weeks who got it right.  Sorry no prizes! 

So what do you think – boy or girl? 

And if you say boy you had better suggest a boy’s name as well, because at the moment we don’t have one!!!!  

We think we have settled on a girls name but, a boys name – absolutely NO IDEA!

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Neighbourhood Watch – Part 2

I love my neighbours!  

I have mentioned before that they “watch” our house and report on anything that is out of the norm.  It is quite reassuring, even if it means we need to remind ourselves that “somebody is always watching” and not to do anything that could be uhmmmm – witnessed. 

Well, it just got better!! Yesterday we had workers there and they were using the garage to cut wood so we could not park our cars inside when we returned from work.  I park in the driveway and then when Mr OL arrived home a few minutes later he parked just behind my car. The supervisor of the workers arrived shortly after us.  He drove one of those older large Mercedes Benz. 

Well, a few minutes after he left our neighbour came running over.  She had seen the our cars parked outside and the other car and just wanted to know if everything is ok with the baby. She does not want to be nosey as she knows her mother-in-law can be but the other car looked like one of those elderly doctor’s cars and she just want to make sure.  She is a nurse and midwife and specialises in newborns and babies so if anything is wrong she could help.  Mr OL said, no everything is fine and explained the situation. 

She then said, well she does specialise in babies so once the baby is born if I ever need help, or advice or even just a break for an hour or two she is right across the road and will be offended if I don’t ask her.  YIPEE!!!!!  I feel I might just be taking her up on that offer. 

It is very reassuring to know that somebody who knows stuff about babies is close by because I am rather clueless!  So as I mentioned – I love my neighbours!!!!

Then in an unexpected move – here are a couple of photos of me that I took this morning.  37 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

37 Weeks
37 Weeks - The BUMP!
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Full term!

I am 37 weeks pregnant, which is considered full term.  Yikes, that basically means the baby can now come any time it likes, even though my estimated due date is in 3 weeks today. 

I suppose what has brought this more to a reality that I could actually have a baby very soon is that one of my friends that is was due at about the same time as me had her baby yesterday. 

Today at work I have been running around and delivering everything that needs to be delivered – just in case.  I think everything is now up to date, my clients have all been informed that I might go off very soon and who to contact should they require anything for the next 4 MONTHS!!!  

I guess the next important thing for me to do is to finish packing my hospital bag.  I can’t believe it is nearly time.  But then again – it could be late to, so I might actually have to wait anything up to 5 weeks, unpredictable little blighters!!! 

I guess all I can say is watch this space.

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Pregnant and porky!

If I carry on eating like I have today I am going to pick up more weight in the last 3 weeks than I did this whole pregnancy. 

It was a couple of my colleagues birthdays over the past few days and they each brought something in today.  YUM – cheesecake, muffins, croissants…….  That on top of my actual lunch!  I feel like a totally stuffed piglet today!

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Art classes!! Woo hoo.

My art classes start again today and I am very excited.  I think I am being rather optimistic taking in a painting I want to finish as I doubt we will actually pick up a paint brush.  The last class we had was in August so there will be lots of catching up to do and wine to be drunk – unfortunately I will have to give that part a skip.  But it will be fun to catch up with the girls.  Our classes are always more social than anything else. 

I probably will only be able to make the next 3 or 4 before this baby comes so maybe it is best that I do actually try and do some paintings.  I have 3 paintings for the nursery that I would like to finish before the baby actually gets here.  Maybe I’ll start them next week…..

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The finished product

Here are some photos of the padded playmat I made.  I am very impressed with my little self and love how it came out. Although I am sure that proper quilters or seamstresses would be hanging themselves with the cord of thier sewing machine if they took a closer look!

The finished playmat
The inspection
The approval

Bacardi seems to think I made it for him…..

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Quilting is not for sissies!

I got this bright idea into my head to make a play-mat for the Baby OL.  We have tiled floors and I thought a padded play-mat might be quite practical.  Why the heck I did not just go and buy one is quite beyond me, instead I decided I would make one.

Not only would I make one I would do it in a quilting type of style.  What the hell was I thinking?  I spent most of Saturday in the material shop and then ALL of yesterday sewing. And I am still not finished!!!!

I am sure it gets easier once you know what you are actually doing, and have a plan and measure things before you cut them and have at least tried this on a smaller scale before you decide that 1.5meters by 1.5 meters is a good size but still. 

That said the top is about 90% done and if I do say so myself is coming along FANTASTICALLY, as soon as it is finished I will post a picture.  I still need to figure out how to put the whole thing together…. If I ever get it into my head to try something like this again, please talk me out of it.  

The duvet cover and cot bumper don’t count; that is just plain straight sewing (I hope).  I start on them next weekend –  I figured they should be easy compared to this….

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Always on the go…

If this child is ½ as active outside as it is in we are going to be in for a rough time.  Mr OL thinks it must take after me, never stops moving! 

My Doc joked and said it must be a girl as its mouth was constantly opening and closing in the last scan, like it was talking non stop…. Humph!  Not sure where it gets that from as both Mr OL and I are relatively quiet.  Maybe it was practicing eating – that would be more likely, we both love our food.

Today it is wriggling and squirming around quite a bit, normally it is quieter during the day but not today.  Must not like being back at work….. Don’t blame it one little bit.  Either that or it is still on a sugar high from all the ice-cream I ate last night…..  Oops.

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A bit of a moan!

Today is the first day that I am feeling very uncomfortable!!!  I mean, I have had a pain in my butt before from a pinched nerve, which thankfully has sorted itself out, I have had migraine headaches and pulled a muscle in my back, all rather unpleasant but today I just feel HUGE!  And uncomfortable and irritable and my feet are sore. 

Ok, so that is moan for the day!  It is funny because yesterday I was feeling great, I was thinking I was still looking quite small and although my feet were swollen from standing at the Traffic Department I was ok.  

It might be psychological.  I went to yoga last night and the instructor there said to me I was looking big and was bigger than the other girls that were due NOW.  Humph!!!  Not that I expected to stay small if how my mom carried me was anything to go by but still. 

I suppose the fact that it is about 33ºC today is also not helping so I can’t wait to get to the gym tonight and jump in the pool!!!  I have been thinking about it all day!  

Only about 6 weeks left…….

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2009 Round up!

I was out for coffee (read orange juice) on Saturday morning and we were talking about 2009.  She was saying that it was a non-event year for her and I agreed.  I felt like I have not achieved much this year – especially compared to other years. And then I actually thought about it. 

What the HELL was I thinking – this has been a huge year for me! 

Firstly sometime last year I discovered I actually quite liked cycling – who’d have thought!  Then in January I realized I more than quite liked it I was thoroughly enjoying every minute of it!!  This helped a lot with the Ironman training! 

That brings me to point number 2.  I completed my second Ironman.  This time I did not feel like I was faking it and was very proud of my finish.  I trained hard and enjoyed it.  Even though it was an absolute cooker, nearly 40ºC on race day and at one stage I was questioning my sanity I loved the race.  13hours 32 minutes later – I will now proudly say I am an Ironman.  After the first one in 2007, I was bit embarrassed to say I was an Ironman.  I finished in 16hours 36minutes but I really could have put more of an effort into my training.  I kind of felt that somehow I was not really worthy to say I had done one.  Doing a second one and doing it well proved that the first one was not just a fluke.  

Sports wise I had a lot of personal bests.  Not only did I have a PR in Ironman of over 3 hours but I also had a PR in every other distance I entered.  Who knew that training worked!  In the 21.1km I managed to get under 2 hours which I was very pleased about.  In the 10km I managed about 54 minutes and in the Olympic Distance not only was I 3rd girl out the water, do a 54 minute 10km, come 6th girl over all but I also managed to finish it in under 3 hours.  Happiness is! 

Also in April I graduated – I FINALLY received my degree.  A Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism Management!  Yes it took a while but I did it correspondence, I paid for it myself and I finally got it.  Whether or not I will ever work in tourism again is another question.  But at least I got the degree.  

Then the BIGGIE, on the 16 June I found out I was pregnant!  The baby is due on the 18 February!  

And I guess that is pretty much it.  So it looks like the 1st 6 months were a lot more eventful than the past 6 months. 

I am very excited to see what (and who) 2010 brings.  It should be a good year!