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I’ve got worms!

And not the kind I like – worms have attacked my veggie garden.  The annoying thing is that I can’t actually find them so don’t know what exactly has eaten all my lettuce and peas.  All I know is that they are quite ferocious little critters!  Hmph, I was really looking forward to fresh peas later this summer.  I am going to have to plant again and take some drastic (organic) action.  I have a few ideas but will have to see how they pan out. 

I planted more seeds this weekend, so am hoping that once they germinate I will have discovered what is eating the rest and have gotten rid of them.  So far the only thing that is showing signs of sprouting though is the Chinese cabbage. 

Let’s hope the rest pull through. 

Other than that not much is going on.  Except that I went back to the restaurant Cubata – it was just as good as it was the first time and we have booked again for December (the first time they had a table available.  It is so weird that a place that looks so scaffy is so good and so popular. The ceiling is caving in, the tables and chairs are just wooden outside trellis style tables and there is no décor to talk about – but the food is EXCELLENT.  The service is slow but good and personal.  The owner is the only waiter and his wife and son do all the cooking.  It is unlicenced so you need to bring your own, which is actually quite nice and the prices are excellent (unless you over indulge on the prawns – although at R20 per prawn they are still worth it.  They are HUGE and delicious! 

Ok, so other than that, there is nothing much going in at the moment. 

Oh yes, and my sister is back for a week in 3 weeks time and I can’t wait!!!!!!

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Mary, Mary quite contrary….

It is funny how little you actually “speak” to the people you live with – or maybe that is just me. 

This morning Mr OL and I were having a conversation.  Not the best timing I must admit, as we were both rushing to get ready for work, but sometimes it is not about the time and more about what is said. 

I started talking about a conversation I had had with one of my co-workers the previous day.  It was about work (odd) and what it was if given the opportunity we would really love to do.  In other words were do our passions lie.  

As I was telling Mr OL what I had said, he just started laughing and said that he had, had the same conversation with somebody yesterday and that both of us had said the same thing.  I knew there was some reason we got married. 

Now, we have discussed this before and we both know that the other would like to pursue this, but we have never really discussed it in detail.  We have never said “We ARE going to do this.”  Now why not?  I have even written on my blog that it is what I want to do. 

I want a small holding.  I want to grow organic veggies, herbs have a simple restaurant or café and possible a farmers market held on the property for like minded individual.  I could extend my worm farm (yes they are still thriving).  I have thought about it, spoken about it and dreamt about it. Why have I done nothing about it? 

I am sure there must be a way to make this dream possible!  If Mr OL and I actually sit down and think this thing through together we could make it happen!  So that is my task for the rest of this year – Hanlie had a 100 challenge (100 days left in 2009 – and yes I know a bit late but still)!  So, I have now less than 100 days to take this and make it a possibility.  Even if it means living in town and buying a plot of land with no residence on it for now…. Who knows, watch this space….. 


For now I am going to extend my veggie garden

Who would like to guess whether I was having a good or bad day at work yesterday?

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All coming together.

I am scared!  Nervous! And VERY EXCITED!!!! 

I came up with an idea which I made reference to here…. 

I started investigating the possibilities and things have kind of gotten out of hand – in a good way.  In a very good way! 

At the moment it kind of feels like a steam train that I have no control over  Usually when I say I am going to start a project I get all excited about it. Start investigating the possibilities and then loose focus or passion or both and it just kind of fizzles out.  This time I am just getting more and more excited about it, and it the people I am asking for support are giving it to me and more.  

What I want to do is not unique, in fact there are two other companies/projects making the same product in South Africa alone.  However I believe there is enough space (market) for all of us.  And if I can do this to benefit others (as well as myself) then so much the better.  I want to take a waster material, recycle it and sew it into different items.  Well, I won’t be sewing it. That is the part that I want to outsource to community skills development centres or similar places.  One of the other places making these products is a church in Johannesburg, the other is a full on business.  I want to combine the two? 

And here in lies the problem.  I thought getting the materials would be the problem. Turns out it is not too bad.  As it is “junk” companies are more than willing to give it to me. The problem is finding centres that are able to sew the products.  All the sewing centres that I have heard off have closed down and the ones that are still open are unable to sew the materials I want to use as they don’t have industrial sewing machines.  This is obviously a problem I am going to have to figure out.  I had better figure it out soon as it looks like I might have my first order… Yikes!