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What do you do?

Did you know that there are people that specialize in the making of paper?  I am not talking about the person that makes paper as a hobby, I am talking about people that go to university and study it; do their Honours and even Doctorates about paper.  I am sure it has a technical name but I don’t know it.


I did not know this until 1999 when I actually met somebody from Finland who was studying towards a Doctorate in paper making.  This amazed me as I has always been fascinate in paper, but would never have thought about studying about it.   I just collected the stuff. 


It is odd, I wonder how many other professions there are out there where people study for years to produce something that everybody just takes for granted.

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So how often would you say is too often to check the internet for your exam results?  Once a day, twice, what about 5 times?  I think 5 times is about right.  Lets put it this way, I am about to check for the 2nd time today and it is only 9:30am!


I have results pending for 2 exams.  The one is the final one for my degree and the other is a work related exam.  Both will be released “sometime” in November!



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Hold thumbs!

Hold thumbs for me!


I am on study leave from this afternoon and will only be back at work on Tuesday! So NO internet access for me.  I must study, so no visits to my moms to use her computer either! 


I write on Monday, and am pretty nervous.  That could be down to the serious lack of studying done though.  At least I have read through everything once already and it does not appear to be too complicated!  This weekend I am going to have to knuckle down.


I have sent my bike in to the shop to have the setup adjusted (hopefully that is the source of my shoulder problems) and although they said it would be ready tomorrow I have said I will only go and fetch it on Monday.  So I can’t be tempted to ride over the weekend!  I never thought that would be problem.  That I would actually WANT to ride.  It used to be my least favourite discipline of the 3 and now it is my most favourite – well after swimming. So make that my 2nd most favouite! 


So all other distractions aside – like weeding the garden and cleaning my cupboard – I will be studying! 

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Ask a busy person – just not me!

As I have mentioned on my blog somewhere or other, and at least once or twice I have one more exam left, which if I pass will see me “learned” or “degreed” or something equally as useful in my daily life.  Well this morning my Mr O and I were discussing what I would study once I had finished this and I said “NOTHING!”  His answer however surprised me greatly.  He said “GOOD”.


Not at all the answer I was expecting.  I asked him why he said good and he said he thinks I should take a year or so break.  I said yes, I probably need it, I have been studying for a while and with training for Ironman I will be quite busy anyway.  He then said he thinks that’s the way I like it?  Hmmmm????  “With the studying, the training, the painting, the garden, my blog and all the other stuff I do I am always busy and that this was probably the way I liked it”.


Now that just struck me as odd, because I have never thought of myself as a busy person?  I know I am a person that needs variety, and a bit of a challenge but busy….. nope, never seen myself as busy.  Someone who spends too much time in front of the TV in the evenings possibly, but busy….nope? 


I suppose I could blame (or thank) my mom for me always doing something.  When we were kids she would not let us watch TV or even go to the movies during the day.  She always said to us, “It is a beautiful day (no matter the weather), you need to be doing something not just sitting watching movies”.  In fact it became a standing joke amongst all my friends and if some body asked me to movies during the daytime they would say “She can’t go she needs to be doing something.”  I later found out that my sibling’s friends all repeat the same thing back to them as well.

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What goes up must come down

Why is it that good news always seems to be followed by some not such good news!


Take yesterday for an example – actually wrong wording because yesterday was followed by today – and today is Friday so that is good news!


But take what happened yesterday – I PASSED my exam!  Yippee, that was the good news. The not so good news was because I managed to pass that one I had to write another one today.  This time a long questions one!  Hmmmm another exam!  At least it is over now.  I am not sure how I did on it as it needs to go to an invigilator to mark and usually takes about 6 weeks for the results to get back.


Now I just need to study for my UNISA one on the 27th and everything is done!  If I pass that one I get my degree – 8 years after starting at UNISA – 4 degree changes later!  Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  I still need to pass it.  So for the next 3 weeks I will be studying my butt off!!!!


And then in I guess some what related news.  The good news – a bailout, the bad news…..  Well just read this article.

I found the link on The Tao of Roo’s site.  Would you be happy if this was your money???

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Just call me Sherlock!

I am once again amazed by what you can find out on the internet!  This place really does give away a lot of secrets!


This time thankfully it is not related to me but I was given a challenge to find out some information.  Well it was not meant as a challenge but I am the wrong person to say I can’t do something to.


So anyway, with a bit of digging, clever detective work and any excuse to avoid the studying I managed to come up with the goods.  Now if I could just put that brilliance to passing my next 3 exams…..

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If you are happy and you know it clap your hands!

For some reason I feel happy – AND I AM NOT SURE WHY!!!!!


On Sunday it was the first swim of the Ocean Swim Series and I was SO looking forward to it.  The swim only started at 9 but I got there at about 7 just to check out the water etc.  I registered for the 2 km swim as the sea was flat, clear and it looked lovely.  It was slightly cold but other than that it looked to be perfect.  Hmmmmmm!!!!!!  I got about 20m and had to turn round.  My shoulder totally bombed out on me and was in absolute agony!!!  So much for taking a weeks rest and thinking it would be fine.  I now have booked a physio appointment for Wednesday!


Then this morning – I failed my exam!! And yes I have got the results back so it is not just a feeling.  I needed to get 75% to pass and I only got 68%.  That sucks big time!


So who knows why I am feeling happy, but long may it continue.  Maybe it is a nervous reaction to failing???? 


Very ironically as I walked out the exam room and put on my phone I received a message from UNISA (not who I was writing this exam with) saying “Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. Good luck/ endurance and wisdom towards your exams”.  Talk about perfect timing!!!


I write my UNISA exams at the end of the month.  Before that I need to write this one again and then another – all before Friday!



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I am sitting in the office trying (unsuccessfully) to study.  In October I have two exams.  One of them work related and the other my final exam for my degree.

I am the last one in the office to write the work related one, my boss wrote this morning – and failed!  This has made me all the more determined to pass it first time (pass mark is 75%).

So best I get back to it.