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I kissed a girl…

Ok, not really but that flippen song is stuck in my head!!!!



Last night I knew exactly what I was going to blog about!  I was so annoyed and wanted to write about it.  However, when I got home and told my husband the story it seemed a bit pathetic.  Why had it upset me so much?  It was not like I had been physically harmed, I had not been put in danger, I had not even been sworn at or anything like that.


I think it was because it went against the rules, both of the pool and of good nature.  And I am a real stickler for rules! 


Here is what happened, although now I just think it is funny and the guy is a complete arse!


We are 3 girls that swim together twice a week.  We use the gym pool and although it is usually pretty full we can generally find one open lane and a lane next to it with just one person in it.  Two of us will then share a lane and the 3rd will swim in the lane with the other person.  That is what happened – or was meant to happen last nigh.  The lane next to the edge of the pool was open and the lane next to that one just had one person in it.  We stood at the end of the pool trying to wait for the man on his own in the lane to come to the end so we could ask him if one of us could share his lane.  We were blatantly ignored! Initially he just rested at the other end of the pool, but then when he did stop briefly at our side I asked him if we could share he swam off.  The next time he got close I asked – loudly – if one of us could share.  It looked like he was about to have  spasm!!!  He said “Absolutely not, I don’t like to be boxed in.  You can’t share this lane.!’ And totally started freaking.  A total over reaction, and against the rules of the pool.  We could have just jumped in and shared with him but thought we would be polite.  So much for that.


Anyway the 3 of us jumped in the open lane.  Two of us are a similar speed so we swam behind one another and then when we got to the end the one in front would turn and swim under the other.  The other girl just swam up and down next to us.  It actually worked pretty well, so in the end was not a problem. 


We saw other girl ask the man if she could share his lane as by that stage all the lanes had at least 2 people in them besides his.  He said no to her too.  Then a bit later a man just jumped in next to him.  He did not say anything.  So what – does he just not want to share with girls or is it because we are all polite and ask first?  It is not that he is a fantastic swimmer and we are going to mess up his rhythm as 2 of us swim better than him anyway???  If he does not want to share a lane then he should not come to the pool at the busiest time of day. 


Anyway, it was annoying at the time, and I am sure it will be again when he is there again on his own in a lane. But for now, I am over it!  And am just looking forward to the triathlon on Sunday, lets hope the wind does not blow.


Oh yes, and my brother came 3rd in the competition on Wednesday!

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There is no such thing as bad weather?

It is amazing how the sport that you do affects how you feel about the weather.


At about 4 am on Wednesday I woke up to very strong winds.  I lay in bed thing, “Damn it’s windy”.  I knew my brother on the other hand was probably also lying awake in bed listening to the wind, but he would have had the complete opposite thoughts to me.  He would have been rejoicing and hoping that it kept up.  I wanted to go cycling, he however had entered a windsurfing competition.



He is probably the more sensible sibling.  I mean what where my sister and I thinking – we live in PE after all, which besides being known as the Friendly City is also known as the Windy City. 


After my botched attempt a few weeks ago at trying to cancel on a sea swim I decided that this year I am not going to be the first one to bail on anything.  I will not be the first to cancel a ride due to the weather and I am not going to be the first one to cancel on a swim due to rough seas, an easterly or any other reason (besides maybe spotting a big fin gliding past).  So there I was lying in bed, listening to the wind howling and praying that someone would sms me and tell me the ride was cancelled.  There was NO way I was going out in gale force conditions; I just did not want to be the first one to cancel.  Well we were all thinking the same thing.  I waited for as long as I thought possible and then sent out an enquiring sms to see what other’s points of view were.  As I pressed send and sms came through saying the ride was cancelled.  So at least I was not first….


The wind was actually so strong that they could not hold the windsurfing comp in PE either and took it out to Canon Rocks near Alexandria.  Then I knew it must be bad!!!


My brother in Hawaii
My brother in Hawaii
A friend sailing in PE
A friend sailing in PE


My brother in PE
My brother in PE
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Give to receive

You know sometimes when you hear something you think “what rubbish”, “yeah right” or “whatever”.  Well there is a saying somewhere that says “you must give to receive” or “the more you give the more you receive” or something like that.


I have heard this on numerous occasions and never really paid much attention to it.  Until now!


I have mentioned before that the company I work with has “adopted” a cottage at one of the children’s homes in this area, and one of the things we all have to do is “volunteer” there.  Once a month we are given the afternoon off to go and assist the children with their homework. 


Well I have been amazed at how much I have enjoyed this, so much so that I go quite a bit more than once a month.  In fact a couple of times I have been to their school functions and fashion shows on the weekends and so have built up quite a good relationship with the kids. 


Then yesterday I was in a bad mood – to say the least.  I was not a happy camper!  So what did I do, I went to the Children’s Home during my lunch break.  I knew that they would cheer me up. And they did.  There is nothing like feeling that you are appreciated.  When I arrive there they are happy to see me and smothered me in hugs and kisses.  There is no way that you can be in a bad mood or feel miserable after that.  So in this case I received!


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Ego Boost of the day

I am going to be a real girl for a moment and giggle. 


Hee hee hee, somebody thinks I am hot!!! Yay, and it is the hottest boy in the school.


Ok so that was a bit of a delay, yes I finished school exactly 19 years ago!


This was the message I received on Facebook this morning:




This from a guy at school who never even spoke to me and I have not seen since.


Ahhh, so sweet!!!  So now to be a girl and over analyse??? 


He said “even better looking” does that meant he thought I was good looking at school?????  Or does that mean he thought I looked like crap and the only way to go was up?  What ever, I am taking it that he thought I was reasonable at school and now I look awesome.  Freaken hell it took me long enough!  What can I say except that I am a late bloomer (and I have a fantastic profile pic on Facebook).


FaceBook Profile Picture
FaceBook Profile Picture
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Death passes

Every now and then you come across someone (in blog land) that you would just love to hate, but can’t.  Go and read this post and see why! Steve in a Speedo!? Gross!


For goodness sake!!!  He just did his personal best in a Half Ironman distance and did the entire run wearing a grim reaper suit – complete with sickle – in the rain! 


By that stage I would normally feel like death…. But to have death pass me well!

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When do you know?

When do you begin to believe you are ready to have children or how do you come by the decision to start trying.  I know there are the accidental “bundles of joy”, but for those of you that planned your families when did you believe you:

 ·         Had enough money.

·         Were responsible enough.

·         Would actually be able to do it.

·         Wanted to bring a child into this world.

·         Had the time to offer a child (children)

·         Would be able to cope with screaming baby, the tantrum-ing two year old or the hormonal teenagers


Or am I over thinking this? 

Did you just think: “Ok been married a while now, it is the next step, we will manage when it happens.” and get down to business??

There was an article in our paper yesterday about this father that rescued his family and dog from the raging seas.  He lived in a shack behind some buildings on the shore front and when the huge swells and waves came crashing they all had to make mad dash and their shack and possessions got washed away.  This man has two very young children.  How did he feel that he has enough to offer?  We have a decent house, my husband and I both have decent jobs (even if I complain about mine at times), we are both in our thirties, we have been married for over a year and yet we both feel too irresponsible, too immature, too young?  When do you get over this? 


Or if we are asking these questions does it mean we are ready – or alternatively does it mean we are not???


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Don’t piss off Mother Nature

I have not managed to go around and have good look – dratted work gets in the way – but I went down to the beachfront and drove along the freeway and wow.  Nature sure has a way of letting you know who is boss.


Normally the beach where we do the triathlons is sandy and the sea flat.  Not today. There is basically no sand and the waves are still rolling in.  Not as big as the pictures from Monday but still rolling.


All along the highway you can see some of the damage.  The sea wall is in pieces and most of it is on the railway line.  No leaves on the track here, it is huge big boulders and chunks of concrete. 


I think PE was still quite lucky when you compare it to other places but still, it leaves you in awe at what Mother Nature can get up to when you piss her off a bit.  I think also we in PE are usually pretty lucky weather wise and don’t usually have any extremes, so when we do it is quite something.  Besides the floods we have every 20 years or so and the odd bit of wind we are left pretty unscathed.  And I must admit – that’s just the way I like

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Windy City

Wow, what a weekend!  And not all in a good way.


On Friday I had Daisy spayed and Bacardi neutered!  Well Daisy was not a happy puppy and promptly pulled out all her stitches.  Hmm, after an emergency call to the vet I calmed down a bit, covered her hole and waited for Saturday morning for the vets to open.  We were there first thing and had her stapled shut.  They also gave me a wide collar thing to put on her if she looked like she was going to try and pull out the staples.  Although they said that the staples are harder for her to get out than normal stitches.  Well, no sooner had I got her home than she looked like she was going to try and pull them out.  On went the collar.  Until I had a look at her tummy.  How on earth she managed it I don’t know but in the time before the collar had gone on she had managed to get the stitches out.  So another emergency call to the vet!!


He said to bring her in again that evening when he was back in the surgery and we would see what we could do!  So back to the vets!!  Bloody hell this was getting expensive.  More staples in her tummy and the collar back on her head.  Luckily this seemed to work.


On Sunday the weather was TERRIBLE!!!  Besides the gale force winds and driving rain we also had hail!  Luckily this did not last too long.  The wind kept blowing though – PE definitely lived up to its name of Windy City.  My brother came round in the afternoon and had a look into our back garden.  He said to us that there was a lampshade blowing around out there.  Hmmmm, look at this photo and see what he was talking about!