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Last day!

Today is my last “official” day at work. I say official because I have only been popping in and out over the past week (trying to get used to unemployment 🙂  )
I must admit that I am quite sad to leave this job. I have been working here for the past 6 years, which has been my longest stretch at one place. Before that my longest was 3 years. I have met some amazing people and have learnt a lot. People have had confidence in me and I have changed positions in the company a couple of times with my latest one being Compliance Liaison Manager, a position I enjoyed and nothing like I have done before.
But, I am also excited to leave. Although it was not my choice it is most definitely time. I have known for a while that me working full time and Little OL being at the school she is at just does not work. The days are too long for her if left in After Care and although I could fetch her at lunch and take her home which I have been doing for the past few months it is far from ideal.
Now I will be working from home, so get to spend the afternoons with her. My hours will be more flexible (set by myself) and it is something that I am passionate about. I LOVE sports, and I get so excited by what others have achieved. It is awesome that I get to see the medals that people have earned and that they are telling me the stories behind them. It also great that I am getting to be creative with the designs of the medal hangers. (can you tell I am excited about this…… lol)
So, today is a mixture of happiness, sadness and excitement. Another chapter begins!

Here are a few photos of customers hangers that they have sent me.  I love seeing them!

SA Medal Hangers
SA Medal Hangers

SA Medal Hangers
SA Medal Hangers – Table Mountain MTB
SA Medal Hangers - Triathlon
SA Medal Hangers – Triathlon
SA Medal Hangers - I LOVE MEDALS!
SA Medal Hangers – I LOVE MEDALS!


And I agree – I lOVE MEDALS!

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Just call me Pammy

There are some things I never thought I would do – and getting my boobs out at work was one of those things…I mean, not even in my younger, get drunk at office party days did I do that. In fact I did not get them out in public EVER!  Not even on topless beaches.  I am a very conservative girl as far as that goes. 

So, I swore I would NOT be one of those woman that breastfed in public.  I was not sure what I would do if my child was hungry but whipping them out was not on the agenda.  I stated this loudly… and frequently.  I think that was the first on my list of “things I said I would never do before I had kids” to bite the dust! 

Well, back to getting my baps out at work – I am going to try and continue breastfeeding Baby OL exclusively until she is 6 months old. And that means that I need to express at work.  Hummm awkward!  Luckily our business has two floor, but only one of those is occupied so I can go to the second floor and sit in an empty office – or as I have been doing this week – in the board room.  It just feels WEIRD sitting in the boardroom boobs out and all.  But, I have turned one of the chairs to face the window, open the blinds and sit in the sun, quite pleasant actually.  Thankfully there are no tall buildings in the vicinity or somebody in one of the adjacent offices might get quite an eyeful.  Actually our IT guy nearly got an eyeful yesterday.  He walked into the boardroom.  Yikes, luckily I put a chair in front of the door and was facing the window.  He was still rather embarrassed.  I now put a Do NOT ENTER sign on the door.

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Out of Office!

I’m on leave from 4:30pm today!  

Today is my last day at work for this year!  It means that it is also my last day of blogging.  I will be taking a holiday (enforced).  I don’t have internet at home, so will only update when I get back to work on the 4th January

So – I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Hope you all get to spend it with your families and loved ones and that this time is safe and restful. 

I can’t wait for the break.  Just to spend time at home, try and resurrect my garden and just potter around.  Although resurrecting anything with water restrictions is a bit difficult and probably explains why it looks the way it does! 

Merry Christmas – will miss you all!

And just before I go – my baby is due in 2 months today!!

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Surprised again!

So it turns out that I might not be as observant as I like to think I am.  I got surprised again today with another Baby Shower.  The girls at work threw one for me and I had NO idea!!!  

I was told to go up to the boardroom and there it was set up.  Balloon, pressies, food and even MY MOM!!!  Wow, I really did not see that coming. 

I knew (hoped) they would throw one for me as they usually do, but thought it would probably only be next year.  I got absolutely spoilt rotten again – or should I say that the baby got absolutely spoilt rotten again!  We got more clothes, blankets, towels and toiletries among lots of other cool stuff. They really went to town.   Now I am sitting in my office surrounded by yellow and green balloons.  

I had just been moaning that I left my lunch at home on the kitchen counter – luckily I don’t need now. They had snacks, quiche and cupcakes – yummy!!!!

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Sitting in reception!

So I am sitting at reception this afternoon – should be relatively easy.  Besides the Director and myself the office is empty.  Everybody else is at a Stork Party.  I don’t know the girl so I volunteered to act as receptionist so that the receptionist could go. 

At least I only need to know how to transfer to one person so I can’t really get confused. 

When I first started working I did a lot of temp jobs.  I was in London and took what ever I could get until I landed a job as a receptionist!  As a job it sucks (or at least I suck at it) and I take my hat off to anybody who can do it successfully and still remain polite and smile. 

After a very unsuccessful stint as receptionist in London I said NEVER EVER again.  When ever I went to a temp agency looking for work I only had 2 criterea.  It must not be reception and must in now way be related to anything medical (but that is a whole different story). 

Thankfully today is going better – I am getting supplied with cupcakes and snacks so all is good!

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Now how am I going to complain?

I loved being on holiday, and I am loving all the public holidays at the moment. 


There is only one problem.  It reminds me how much I like being at home.  It makes coming in to work very difficult.  I have been mumbling and moaning for the last 2 days (yes, that is all I have worked this month) about work.  But then, just to make me feel extremely guilty, the company I work for goes and does something very surprising and totally out of the blue!


They called a meeting this morning to congratulate me on my Ironman performance, saying that I did the company proud and gave me a gift voucher for a massage.  Yippee!!!!  Damn…  Now how am I going to complain?


For all my muttering and moaning I do really like the company.  The CEO is great, and I love the fact that as a company we are so involved in various charities.  For a small company we really do give quite a bit back.  So much so that I knew when I asked them to sponsor me to run for a charity they would.  It also made my Ironman more special to know that I was doing it for more than just myself and that some other people were benefiting too.  Doing it with “Ironman 4 Kidz” really added to the experience and I would recommend to other PE people thinking of doing IMSA next year to think about doing it for them too.



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Out of office – back in 5 minutes!

You know when something starts to irritate you it just gets worse and worse.  Well that is happening to me!


This is going to be a moan post, so be warned.


Opposite my office is an open meeting area where some of my colleagues have lunch – my fault totally as I started it.  I thought it would be better to eat there than in my office.  Yes, I know only a meter away but at least it was a change of scenery.


The problem now is that one of the women I work with eats there on a regular basis, but it is not the eating that is the problem.  It is what she does after she has eaten.  She SUCKS her teeth, or at least I can only assume that that is what she is doing.  That is what it sounds like.  This then carries on for about 5 minutes, VERY loudly and about every 25 – 30 seconds.  URGH!!!  It is so bad that I have now had to time the start of my coffee and lunch breaks so that they coincide with her sucking!  Yes, this happens twice a day – thank fully she only works till 2; I don’t think I could cope in the afternoon as well.  So now I go to the kitchen to prepare my lunch at about that time.  My other colleagues have also mentioned that I am a lot friendlier lately.  I tend to go walkabouts around the offices until she has gone back to her desk.


The second or third time it happened I went and asked if she was ok?  She looked at me blankly.  I told her she was making a noise and I just wanted to check that she was not choking or something (yeah right).  She just laughed and carried on sucking.  Hmmm, so that did not work….


I suppose there is only one way to handle this politely and that is to keep getting up from my desk and going on walkabouts twice a day?  I mean you can’t exactly tell somebody to stop making a noise or buy her a gift of dental floss, or false teeth glue or whatever might solve the problem – although I have thought about it!


Edited to add:  I wonder what I do that really irritates my co-workers?  Hmm, maybe should find out and work on correcting that before I critise others….

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This week just seems to be one embarrassing moment after the next!!!!


Yesterday kind off took the cake though.  Yes, even more embarrassing than my husband falling asleep in yoga and me getting the giggles!


So what happened?  Last night at the gym I was in the ladies changing room getting ready to go and swim.  I had put my gym bag in the locker and just had my swim bag with me, in which I had put my swimming cap, goggles and flippers.  I put the bag down on the counter and it moved a bit, but I just figured it was the stuff in there settling and did not pay any more attention.  I went to the scales (scary, almost as scary as what was about to happen) then came back, put my hand in the bag to get my swim cap and pulled out something soft, fluffy and squiggling!  I nearly had a heart attach when then thing moved.  I freaked and flung what was in my hand down!  EEK, a mouse!!!!!!!  A mouse, holy crap!  I shrieked, it jumped off the counter onto the floor and ran.  By this stage all the girls in the changing room where freaking or shrieking and the poor mouse did not know which way to turn.  It was actually quite funny, a whole lot of naked girls screaming and jumping on benches.  The poor mouse ran out the door towards the pool and was not seen again.


You know once you have touched something gross that feeling stays on your hand, it stayed for ages.  I was really NOT expecting a mouse in my swim bag.  I was SO embarrassed.  I mean what do this people now think of me?  I carry a grey mouse in my bag.  I mean it was not even a cute field mouse.


The thing is I know exactly where it came from.  As I have mentioned before I don’t work in the best area and they were cleaning out the rubbish bins in our parking lot.  I saw all the mice and rats scurrying away earlier in the day and running past my car, at least I thought they had run past.  One of them must have gotten in (or at least I hope it was only one).  Ugh, imagine it had run across my feet as I was driving! 

Edited to add:  When do you know you are training for a Ironman – when after nearly dying of fright your first thought is that wish you were wearing your Heart Rate monitor because you wonder what your heart rate went up too.



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If you are happy and you know it clap your hands!

For some reason I feel happy – AND I AM NOT SURE WHY!!!!!


On Sunday it was the first swim of the Ocean Swim Series and I was SO looking forward to it.  The swim only started at 9 but I got there at about 7 just to check out the water etc.  I registered for the 2 km swim as the sea was flat, clear and it looked lovely.  It was slightly cold but other than that it looked to be perfect.  Hmmmmmm!!!!!!  I got about 20m and had to turn round.  My shoulder totally bombed out on me and was in absolute agony!!!  So much for taking a weeks rest and thinking it would be fine.  I now have booked a physio appointment for Wednesday!


Then this morning – I failed my exam!! And yes I have got the results back so it is not just a feeling.  I needed to get 75% to pass and I only got 68%.  That sucks big time!


So who knows why I am feeling happy, but long may it continue.  Maybe it is a nervous reaction to failing???? 


Very ironically as I walked out the exam room and put on my phone I received a message from UNISA (not who I was writing this exam with) saying “Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. Good luck/ endurance and wisdom towards your exams”.  Talk about perfect timing!!!


I write my UNISA exams at the end of the month.  Before that I need to write this one again and then another – all before Friday!



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For Physical Energy

I don’t work in the best area in town.  Actually lets just say it is pretty dodgy, but it does have some entertaining moments.


Yesterday when I got to work I saw two little opened packets near the back door and I started to laugh!  I could not resist taking the picture.  Do you think he needed the one to use the other???  I am not sure if this is a good or a bad advert for Bioplus?