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Getting my own back….

Is it wrong to take a perverse pleasure in doing something that you know somebody else is going to hate???? 

The company I work for is growing quickly and they now need to put more controls and procedures in place.  That has been left to me.  Thankfully I love rules and regulations.  I like procedures and things must be done right.  For example, I have never had a parking ticket, I would just NEVER park somewhere where I am not supposed to and I get stressed when I see people doing it.  If there is a sign that says to stand behind the line then I will stand behind the line.  I know that not all people are like that, in fact, I know that people like that are few and far between.  

So you can imagine that when I was asked to draw up checklists, put procedures in place and set up controls I was a happy girl. Especially when I realised that the person who will be most affected by my controls is the person who will resist them

the most. And this person is also the one that said something that I had not comeback to a few weeks ago. So a perverse pleasure….. I had no comeback to his rudeness a few weeks ago, but now….hee hee hee!  Every little checkbox I create on my lists brings smile to my face.

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I should have said…..

You know when somebody says something and the more you think about it the more it bugs you!!! Well I have that problem at the moment. 

Yesterday somebody said something to me and I was a bit annoyed at the time but said nothing.  As time has gone on I keep thinking of replies I should have said and it is bugging the $%$@# out of me!  

There is nothing I can do about it, and even if I found the right reply I would not say it.  Too late and no point!  So I suppose the only thing to do is get over it.  Hmph!!!! Sometimes you just want to be pissed off for a while. 

In a more positive light – I have one VERY happy husband!!!!  He has managed to secure World Cup Final tickets for himself and a friend.  He has been to every game in PE and has been trying from the very first release of tickets to get final tickets.  Finally he has managed.

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Just call me Pammy

There are some things I never thought I would do – and getting my boobs out at work was one of those things…I mean, not even in my younger, get drunk at office party days did I do that. In fact I did not get them out in public EVER!  Not even on topless beaches.  I am a very conservative girl as far as that goes. 

So, I swore I would NOT be one of those woman that breastfed in public.  I was not sure what I would do if my child was hungry but whipping them out was not on the agenda.  I stated this loudly… and frequently.  I think that was the first on my list of “things I said I would never do before I had kids” to bite the dust! 

Well, back to getting my baps out at work – I am going to try and continue breastfeeding Baby OL exclusively until she is 6 months old. And that means that I need to express at work.  Hummm awkward!  Luckily our business has two floor, but only one of those is occupied so I can go to the second floor and sit in an empty office – or as I have been doing this week – in the board room.  It just feels WEIRD sitting in the boardroom boobs out and all.  But, I have turned one of the chairs to face the window, open the blinds and sit in the sun, quite pleasant actually.  Thankfully there are no tall buildings in the vicinity or somebody in one of the adjacent offices might get quite an eyeful.  Actually our IT guy nearly got an eyeful yesterday.  He walked into the boardroom.  Yikes, luckily I put a chair in front of the door and was facing the window.  He was still rather embarrassed.  I now put a Do NOT ENTER sign on the door.

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Checkered past…

Charisa wrote about her first summer job and it got me thinking about jobs I have done. And there are LOTS!!!!  

I applied for my first permanent job in 2000 at the grand old age of 28. What can I say I am a late starter?  Prior to that I did temp jobs, which I LOVED!  Unfortunately it is not something that you can continue doing indefinitely. 

Some of the jobs I have done were pretty – hmmm….interesting.  A lot of them I would never want to repeat, however the do make for the best memories and stories. 

So here goes (and I am sure I will forget some).  EDITED TO ADD – this got a bit long, so I have cut out some of the more conventional jobs. 

  1. Waitressing – at quite a few different places with varying results.  At the first place I lasted 1 ½ days at another I lasted nearly 3 years.  In 1994 I vowed I would never waitress again and I have not.  My first tip ever was R5.00 a lot to me at the time, especially considering I had spilt an entire bottle of red wine over the woman who happened to be wearing a white summer dress.  I thought I would be fired. (Plettenberg Bay, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town)
  2. Packing CD’s – the result of vowing never to waitress again.  Not easy finding work in London if you are unqualified and won’t work in a restaurant.
  3. Sticker Remover…  Don’t ask. (London)
  4. Credit Card Counter……  It was boring and tedious but the most exciting part was that I got to use a computer with Excel so was able to add that to my CV. I must have been quite good at counting as they offered me a full time job.  I left. (Edinburgh)
  5. Pharmacist assistant at a hospital; first for out-patients – I hated it and after the 2nd day I told them I was leaving, so they moved me to in-patients.  I had to go into operating rooms and count supplies.  URGH!  I could never be a doctor or nurse or anything in the medical profession. (London)
  6. Receptionist – at a drug centre.  To close to medical stuff so I left.  After that I had 2 more criteria for jobs I would NEVER do!  (London) 

After that I had 2 more criteria to add to jobs I would NEVER do!  Nothing medical, no reception work and no waitressing!!  I was getting fussy. 

  1. Envelope stuffer (yes, that was the actual job title that was on my pay slip).  Yip, very fussy. (London)  Then I got promoted to..
  2. Financial advisor….????  Who knows…I must have shown some promise in stuffing those envelopes.  I remained “Financial Advisor for 10 months.  Actually until they offered me a full time position and I freaked and left. (This was a trend).  (London)
  3. Garlic picker – this has to be one of the WORST jobs in the world, it is back breaking and you stink of garlic.  I did it for 2 days the first I got sunburnt so I covered myself in sunscreen for the 2nd day.  It rained and the mud stuck to my sunscreen and it ran into my eyes.  NOT FUN (New Zealand)
  4. Peach picker, slightly better than garlic, but only slightly. Who knew you could be allergic to the fuzz on peaches.  (New Zealand)
  5. Apple packer – better than picking peaches but not by much. After a couple of weeks I decided to quit!  I walked over to the manager to tell him but before I could say anything he asked if I could type – YES!!!!  I got moved to Apple Control.  FUN!!  I stayed a few months.   When I asked him later why he chose me he said I had the longest legs and the shortest shorts.  Woo hoo!  Glad I bought those shorts (New Zealand) 

I have also worked as a cleaner (Sweden), a Guest House manager (South Africa), a Buyer (also SA) and as an event planner (SA).  Now I work in insurance – go figure!!! 

Talk about having a checkered career – it was fun (at times) and at least I can look back now and laugh.

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Out of Office!

I’m on leave from 4:30pm today!  

Today is my last day at work for this year!  It means that it is also my last day of blogging.  I will be taking a holiday (enforced).  I don’t have internet at home, so will only update when I get back to work on the 4th January

So – I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Hope you all get to spend it with your families and loved ones and that this time is safe and restful. 

I can’t wait for the break.  Just to spend time at home, try and resurrect my garden and just potter around.  Although resurrecting anything with water restrictions is a bit difficult and probably explains why it looks the way it does! 

Merry Christmas – will miss you all!

And just before I go – my baby is due in 2 months today!!

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Surprised again!

So it turns out that I might not be as observant as I like to think I am.  I got surprised again today with another Baby Shower.  The girls at work threw one for me and I had NO idea!!!  

I was told to go up to the boardroom and there it was set up.  Balloon, pressies, food and even MY MOM!!!  Wow, I really did not see that coming. 

I knew (hoped) they would throw one for me as they usually do, but thought it would probably only be next year.  I got absolutely spoilt rotten again – or should I say that the baby got absolutely spoilt rotten again!  We got more clothes, blankets, towels and toiletries among lots of other cool stuff. They really went to town.   Now I am sitting in my office surrounded by yellow and green balloons.  

I had just been moaning that I left my lunch at home on the kitchen counter – luckily I don’t need now. They had snacks, quiche and cupcakes – yummy!!!!

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How inconsiderate!

I don’t complain about work very often.  I am usually very aware of what I write, who reads it and what the consequences could be.  You read all these stories about people getting fired because of their Facebook status updates and blog posts but this time I just can’t help it. 

You won’t BELIEVE what they have gone and done.  I mean the inconsiderate bunch of #$##$%$!!!  They have gone and put a basket full of chocolates in our reception area!  Yes, you read that right – CHOCOLATES!!! How could they?  Don’t they know I am pregnant and my will power has gone out the window… and the worst is they have said we can help ourselves when ever we want?  I mean who in their right minds says something like that…  

I’ll be back to write the rest of this post later, at the moment I think I need to rush to the reception area. I am sure I heard my name being called (again).

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Rock Pools and Penguins

We started with a talk at the SAMREC Centre to learn about about penguins and see a few that have been rescued and then headed down to the beach and rock pools. 

The day ended with games on the beach.  Luckily the weather held for most of it, but turned a bit chilly and windy towards the end.

Here are some photos  – none of me as I was the one holding the camera.

At the SAMREC Centre learning about penguins


Some of the rescue Penguins and Volunteers
Sea Urchins.
Sea Urchins
Cape Recife Lighthouse
Cape Recife Nature Reserve
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Fired for Facebook status!

I am amazed by what some people write on their blogs and Facebook status.  Mr OL sent this link to me.  Not sure why……  For some reason he seems to think I spend too much time on line at work????  Don’t know where he gets that from……  

I was actually thinking about what people write on their blogs or Facebook status yesterday.  I came across a blog where this girl was constantly complaining about her boss.  I think every second post had something about him in it.  The thing is her name and the city she lived in was on her blog.  The company that she worked for was not, but it would not be that hard to find out where she worked. 

I am also amazed at the amount of people that write if they are going away on holiday or even for the weekend.  I am sure that it would not be that difficult (if you were that way inclined) to find out where they live.  What more do you need, you already know that their house is going to be empty for a specific period.  I know on Facebook it is only your “friends” that can see your status (or at least that is how mine is set up) but still – some of those “friends” I last saw at school and it is our 20 year reunion this year. 

I am very aware of what I write.  I know my full name is very easy to find out.  I know by Ironman pictures and the company I work for is not that difficult to figure out.  But I don’t slag them off.  I also don’t write if I am going away on holiday – or at least I don’t give the dates.  I usually only say what it was like when I return.   I might write that I am on leave from work, but not that I am going out of town.  (This is SA after all).

The stuff I write about work is not a secret – even my boss knows that I am not that busy.  Or at least she should – I am constantly asking for more work or more involvement.  They know I spend time online.  I give feedback about websites and ideas for the development for our online profile.  I put my internet surfing down as “research” cough, cough, splutter (ok so that might be slight, uhmmm, exaggeration) 

How careful are you about what you write?