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No more ordinary!

I have had this blog for nearly 8 years and over that time I have mentioned many times that I find it difficult to “label” myself.  I never call myself a “triathlete” a “runner” or an “artist” and yet this whole time I have been labelling myself as “ORDINARY

No more.  I am not ordinary!  My daughter is not ordinary!  She is not Little OL and I do not live “An Ordinary Life”

I did not do a word for 2014 but I am going to for 2015 and it is going to be “AWESOME”.

I have a VERY wise friend and she once said that you teach people how to treat you and she is so right!  I have let people treat me as ordinary, I have even labeled myself as ordinary, so how can I expect any different.

My reason for my blog title “An Ordinary Life” initially was not that I thought my life was ordinarily, it was that I thought it was anything but.  It was that I, a girl from an ordinary town, an ordinary family could live such an extraordinarily life.  And an extra ordinary life I do lead.  I make it that way.  And my family is also anything but ordinary.

My confidence levels over my 30’s and 40’s have sunk!  But I am reclaiming them. I have done some AWESOME things and intend to do a lot more.  I will not be called ordinary and I will no longer be treated as such.

So, firstly – for those of you that don’t know here are some of my some  achievements!

I am a MOMMY! (to the most extra ordinary 4 year old)



I am an ARTIST (and have actually sold quite a few paintings)

I am a WORLD TRAVELER – I have been around the globe, right around.  I have worked in 6 different countries and traveled to a lot more.

I am a UNIVERSITY GRADUATE.  I put myself through UNISA after returning to South Africa in 2000 and have a B.Com.

I am CLEVER – no explanation needed.

I have climbed KILOMANJARO, my sister mom and I climbed it to celebrate my mom’s 60th Birthday (yep, no ordinary family)

I once READ 365 Fiction books in one year.  I was in Std 9.  They were not all literary greats but it was still a book a day for a year….. Not including set works or text books.  Some books took me more than a day, but I read a quick read in between to make up. (yes, there were quite a few Mills and Boons in there – I was 16 ……) I read quickly – I still do.

I obtain provincial colours in ROLLER SKATING…. And came second in my age group on South Africa (I was 12)

At one stage I could speak, write and read SWEDISH fluently

I run my own COMPANY

I own several PROPERTIES

So, that is it for now… I am sure there is more stuff that I have done, accomplished and achieved!

My business is all about celebrating achievements and it is about time that I celebrated my own.

So from now, NO MORE ORDINARY!  I am not ordinarily, I have never been ordinary and I have no intention of ever being ordinary!

In the words of Anaïs Nin “Ordinary life does not interest me. I seek only the high moments.”

An ordinary life

I am sorry I can’t credit the photo – I am not sure who took it.

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Fired for Facebook status!

I am amazed by what some people write on their blogs and Facebook status.  Mr OL sent this link to me.  Not sure why……  For some reason he seems to think I spend too much time on line at work????  Don’t know where he gets that from……  

I was actually thinking about what people write on their blogs or Facebook status yesterday.  I came across a blog where this girl was constantly complaining about her boss.  I think every second post had something about him in it.  The thing is her name and the city she lived in was on her blog.  The company that she worked for was not, but it would not be that hard to find out where she worked. 

I am also amazed at the amount of people that write if they are going away on holiday or even for the weekend.  I am sure that it would not be that difficult (if you were that way inclined) to find out where they live.  What more do you need, you already know that their house is going to be empty for a specific period.  I know on Facebook it is only your “friends” that can see your status (or at least that is how mine is set up) but still – some of those “friends” I last saw at school and it is our 20 year reunion this year. 

I am very aware of what I write.  I know my full name is very easy to find out.  I know by Ironman pictures and the company I work for is not that difficult to figure out.  But I don’t slag them off.  I also don’t write if I am going away on holiday – or at least I don’t give the dates.  I usually only say what it was like when I return.   I might write that I am on leave from work, but not that I am going out of town.  (This is SA after all).

The stuff I write about work is not a secret – even my boss knows that I am not that busy.  Or at least she should – I am constantly asking for more work or more involvement.  They know I spend time online.  I give feedback about websites and ideas for the development for our online profile.  I put my internet surfing down as “research” cough, cough, splutter (ok so that might be slight, uhmmm, exaggeration) 

How careful are you about what you write?

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The shortest 3 weeks ever!

I can’t believe how the time flew – what is that saying about “when you’re having fun”?  Well it is so true!


So what did I get up to in my three weeks off – besides celebrate Christmas and New Year not much.


There were however a couple of moments that went down in true Pamela fashion.


My In-laws live about 300km’s away, and we decided to spend Christmas morning with my family and after breakfast to drive to them and spend a couple of days up there.  The roads are usually pretty quiet on Christmas day and this way we keep both of our families happy.  And it works perfectly as my family has always just done the breakfast thing anyway.


Breakfast went off without a hitch, we went home and tossed everything into the car and set off.  After driving about 250km, I was thinking to myself that I wondered what Mr O’s Dad would think of the present I had gotten him?  Hmm, presents!  Holy crap – presents!  They were still all sitting under our Christmas tree at home.  We had forgotten to pack them – ALL OF THEM.  All my In-law’s presents were under the tree 250km’s away.  Oops!


Thankfully they did not take it too badly, although they did ask us if the current economic climate has hit us badly and do we want to take food home with us?  We are going back up in February so I WILL (try and remember to) take them up with us when we go then.  One good thing was that I noticed my sister-in-law already has the book I bought her, so now can look for something else for her.  The book was one I wanted myself so now don’t have to go out and buy it again.


Hope everyone had a really good festive season – lets hope 2009 is a good one for us all!

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How much is too much?

For those of you who have blogs how much information about yourself are you willing to divulge.  And are there certain things you would never discuss?  What topics are out of bounds?  Are you willing to put pictures of yourself on your blog and what about pictures of your friends and family – or do you ask their permission first.


When I first started my blog I tried not to give much away, I never mentioned my name or showed photos.  That was until I realized there was no need for my name or picture to give it away.  So then why was I keeping it anonymous???  Even so I was still a bit apprehensive about putting my picture up.  I was even more apprehensive about putting my family’s pictures on.  If I did I would always block their faces.  I was not sure how they would react if one of their friends found this blog reported back to them.  I am still a bit apprehensive about putting anyone else’s picture on besides mine. 


I guess as time has gone by I have become more open as to who I am, I also have noticed that the blogs I read are ones where I know the writers name and what they look like.  Did you all start off giving this information right from the start or did you give away more the longer you had your blog?


Now a bit off the topic:


Having the blog and the fact that it was so public has never really bothered me.  I guess I just lived in a little ignorant (on purpose) world where I though nobody would find it.  I did not (and still have not) told many of my friends about it.  I did tell my family and although I know Mr Ordinary has looked at it from time to time I don’t think many of my other family members are that interest.


I have also never had a problem thinking that strangers are reading it.  I suppose I am more worried about people that know me or at least know who I am or could figure it out?  Especially when I look at how people have found it lately, using searches on Google like: Ocean Racing Series; Ironman and the Clover 10km (yes I am talking about you SA).  PE is not that big and especially with events like these you tend to know someone that knows somebody.  I feel a bit unsettled that I might be talking to somebody at one of these events and they know that I forgot to shave my legs.  Not that I am saying that I don’t want people reading my blog – far from it.  I guess what I am saying is that if you are reading my blog COMMENT!!! I want to know who you are too.  At least then I won’t bore you in conversation with stuff that you have already read about.