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A few more biscuits

One of my friends asked me to make some biscuits for her daughter’s first birthday party – it was ladybird themed.  I jumped at the chance – anything to be able to make the biscuits but then not to have to worry about eating them.

Although the party was a Ladybird theme, she was not going big on the ladybirds.   She found some photos online of biscuits with ladybirds on them and asked me if I could copy them.  I also made some extra white ones with pink dots and then some pink ones with white dots.

I think they come out pretty well (even if I do say so myself).

The first photo is the biscuits in location at the party.  My sister -in-law took the photo as I did not even think of it.  I was so glad she did. 

Ladybird theme party - cookies


The rest of the photos I took at home before I took the biscuits to my friends house.

Ladybird Sugar Cookies


A Ladybird walked over my Sugar Cookie
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A sugary thank you

Here are my latest biscuits.  I made them as a thank you gift for my mom!  I would never have survived last week without her.  My nanny was not able to come in, and without my mom I would have been really stuck.  I had to go to Cape Town on business on Tuesday – Granny’s ROCK!

So, mom – once again – THANK YOU!

Heart shaped - iced sugar cookies


Heart shaped iced sugar cookies
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Practice makes…

well, not quite perfect but a whole lot better than last time. Although I still could not get the navy. 

Here are a few pictures of the biscuits I made for our board meeting. 

Company Logo


Getting better!


so what do you think – a little over the top???  Or is that only after I put them in individual packets with a little lable…..

Going to far???


Hmmm, so about that increase….

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Latest Cookie

Here is a picture of my latest cookie.  The picture is our company logo.  I thought I would give it a go, it is our annual board meeting early next month and thought it might be funny to give eveyone cookies with the logo on at tea time.  But figured I had better practice first. 

The did not come out exactly how I was hoping, but generally I am quite happy with them.  The consistance of the icing worked well, and the Africa’s looked great.  It was when I put the oval shapes over that the problems started.  Next time I might try starting with that. Also the blue is supposed to be navy – but after using nearly a whole bottle of food colouring I decided I liked the colour the way it was (read as: I was not going to waste any more colouring on a trial cookie).  So if anyone has any tips on how to get a nice dark navy without using a whole bottle of food colour all suggesting would be greatly appreciated. 

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I have a confession….

I could not resist….. Will power and I are not good friends.  I tried, I really did, but the temptation was just overwhelming. 

Yip, I baked cookies…..

I still need to ice them, so maybe by tomorrow there will be some photos. (only if they turn out ok)

I tried to let Mr OL into my dark and horrible secret, but he was not impressed.  I tried to show him pictures but he just looked at me as if I was mad.   His comment – they look just like Iced Zoos….  Oh well, I suppose art is only in the eye of the beholder.

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