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A girl’s best friend

“Daisy is my friend”. This was proclaimed by Little OL over the weekend, but I am not so sure how Daisy feels about this.

Daisy is our Border Collie.  She has always been a loving and very gently little dog but when Little OL was born she went into a total sulk.  She moved to the top of the garden, only coming down for food. After 2 weeks she ventured closer but would still not “talk” or come to me.  For months after that if I was holding Little OL she would avoid me.  For the first 2 years of Little OL’s life she would make sure they were not in the same room, and if they accidently were she would run away with this look of absolute terror on her face as soon as she realised.  That was until she discovered that toddlers usually have something edible in their hands.  Since that discovery they have been “bonding”. It has taken a while, but over the past year they have been getting closer and closer.  Lately they have even been “hugging”.  I think it is a bit one sided but at least Daisy is not running away in terror any longer. In fact I caught her sheepishly looking like she might even be enjoying some of the attention.  Then this weekend Little OL proclaimed that they are “friends”.  It is quite an honour – the German Shepard Duke has not earned it yet. He is not her friend. But Daisy is….

I hope Daisy knows what she has let herself in for…..

Daisy and Duke
Daisy and Duke
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My lovable guard dog.

My German Shepherd is turning into a very good guard dog.  He has become very protective of me.  He always has been a bit but seems to be getting more so lately. 

I could never take him to the vet or any place like that because he protects me if anyone comes close, he is fine if Mr OL takes him though.  Even when he was a puppy he did not like it if somebody – like our gardener came close to me.  However this week he has taken it to new levels.  We have had some people working in our back garden paving – yes, we have finally given up on grass – the dogs have just run tracks in it. Well back to the workers, they have been there all week and the dogs have been fine, until this morning. I walked outside to talk to the workers to tell them to stop ringing my doorbell a million times a day.  Duke went mad, barking and going for them. He didn’t bite them, but did let them know that he was not happy.  As soon as I walked back inside he stopped and sat down as if nothing was wrong.  A few minutes later I thought I would try again and he did it again.  I just stepped out the back door and he would go for them, I would step back inside and he would stop.  It was actually quite funny – well, from my point of view it was.  He does stop if I tell him to, but seeing as they have been ringing my doorbell and waking the baby all day for the past week I thought I would let them stew a bit.  Also I am not adverse to people knowing we have a vicious dog on the premises.  I had a gardener working here over the weekend and it was actually Daisy that decided to tell him she was also a guard dog, and when she starts then Duke starts, but as soon as I told them to stop they did.  I needed to actually speak to him during the day so could not have them attacking him every time I wanted to tell him to do something. 

So would you be upset if your dogs were this protective of you, or would you be quite happy?  Obviously if they did not stop when I told them to I would be very upset about it, but seeing as they stand down when told I am actually rather pleased.

What, me? Vicious - NEVER!
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Trained cats!

I have my cats well trained.  They come home at about 5 or 6, when I get home from work, usually they are there waiting for me but if not I just call them once and they come running inside.  I then close the doors and the windows, give them some food and let them out again the following morning. 

It works very well – except when it does not work!!!! 

If one of them does not come home when I call I begin to panic.  They are usually so prompt that I think something must be wrong.  Last night I was about to put up Missing Posters all over the neighbourhood (again).  Miss Molly still was not home by 8pm and I had called and called.  Every 15 minutes from about 6 but that is beside the point. 

Eventually at about 8:30 she wondered in looking all smug!  Hmph – how to set me off into a panic.

Here are some photo’s of my muppets!

Bacardi an Duke - a brief truceMolly


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A happy ending!

Last nights antenatal classes were ok.  I think that with the modern age of Google, magazines and stuff we know way more than people used to. There was not much said that I did not already know.  But it was nice to meet other people and I am sure as the classes progress it will teach me something, especially the more practical stuff.  With that I have NO idea! 

What happened after the class was a lot more interesting!  I was driving along when this dog wondered out in front of me.  Luckily I managed to break and avoid it.  I thought it was a Border Collie type dog as it had that colouring but looked a bit on the heavy side.  The car behind me also managed to avoid it.  I drove along for a bit, then did a U-turn to see if I could go and find it.  It was wondering along the side of the road, so I pulled over, opened my car door.  It wondered over to me and put both its front paws on the chair of my car and looked at me.  Uhmm, get in you lazy lump.  Nope it was not budging.  I had to heave the dog into my car.  I am always a bit nervous about grabbing stray dogs or picking them up but he seemed friendly enough.  He was really cute and looked like a Bearded Collie from up close – with whiskers! 

But, now what do I do.  I have two dogs and two cats at home – none of which like stray or strange animals and it is 10 o’ clock at night!  Luckily the dog had a collar on with an Animal Welfare tag.  I took the dog home and put it in my garage and called their emergency number.  They were able to give me the owners contact details so I phoned them. They were overjoyed and came round right away to come and pick him up.  They were an elderly couple who had, had workmen at their home earlier that afternoon and think the dog must have slipped out then.  They all seemed very happy to be reunited.  I asked and he was a Bearded Collie – his name was Laddie.

I hope if my dogs or cats every go missing that somebody finds them and is able to get them back to me too.


A Bearded Collie
A Bearded Collie

Laddie was a bit older and scragglier than this one, but just as cute and smiley looking with a very waggy tail.

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Fall of the Berlin Wall

What can I say – my dogs are clever!  There is no keeping them out of an area that they want to “explore”. 

Last night Mr OL put up the barrier across half the garden to keep the dogs out of the area with the freshly laid grass.  This morning he got up and looked outside and what did he see?  Both dogs, on the WRONG side of the barrier, looking all pleased with themselves as if they had discovered new trick. 

That was when the shouting started I was trying so hard not to laugh, but it was a futile exercise.  In the end I put my head under the covers to try and smother the laughter.  

Daisy ran hid on her bed, Duke looked all innocent as if he did not understand how that had happened or how on earth to get back to the area that was supposed to be in.  He just sat staring up at us with big eyes, looking all sheepish and his tail wagging slightly. 

Mr OL decided that a “conversation” was necessary and called them both over and gave them a lecture (by this stage I had given up trying to hide my laugher).  He tried explaining that this was like the Berlin Wall before it fell and they were NOT to cross over.  Not sure if he figured the Berlin Wall was a good analogy because Duke is a German Shepherd?

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What us? Never!

The Picture of Innocence?
No me?
Not me?
Well the garden did not look too bad.  A few holes dug here and there but pretty much still intact. 
It turns out that Mr OL is not so much of an optimist after all.  He has ordered about 50 meters of road barrier tape to keep the dogs out of the newly laid grass areas.  It arrives today.  Lets hope the garden survives until he can block that section off.
The race track designers
The race track designers
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My husband – the eternal optimist!

I am dreading going home today! 

Well, it’s not so much that I am dreading going home, more like I am dreading what I will see when I get home.  Mr OL had grass laid in our backyard over the weekend.  

The reason we needed new grass is because the dogs destroyed the old stuff.  A combination of digging and running left our backyard a dust bowl.  They had literally run a race track around our garden.  The track was about ½ a meter deep and was complete with steep cambered corners and everything – perfect if we had a little boy who needed a BMX track but not so good when you want a stylish back yard. 

My solution was to leave it – who knows maybe in a couple of years we would need a BMX track????  

Mr OL’s solution – fix it.  Hmmm, I am not so optimistic.  I think he has a short term memory problem.  I recall what happened about a year ago to my lavender plants, I recall what happened about 6 months ago to the newly installed irrigation system and I recall what happened about 2 months ago to my little tomato plants.  I fear the freshly laid grass is going to go exactly the same way as those things did.  Dug up and chewed!!!! 

So, when I get home and I going to find two “innocent” looking dogs covered in mud or am I going to be pleasantly surprised?

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A Dog – cat Burglar

Daisy has discovered a new trick.  She had figured out how to “break” into our house.  We came home from work yesterday and there she was INSIDE!  When she figures out how to turn off the Burglar Alarm we will be in real trouble.


I know they say Border Collies are clever but this is ridiculous.  





She had obviously seen the cats climbing in through the window and figured if they could do it so could she…

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One painting bought and another sold! And a whole lot of stuff in between


I had the most fantastic weekend!

 Saturday was a busy day for me. In the morning I ran a 10 km race and who would have known, training actually does work!  Well kind of – I still did not beat my mom (damn that 63 year old can run) but I did beat my previous best time, so am pretty happy!  My time 56:53, which is about 5 minutes off my normal 10km time (yes, I told you I was slow).  My previous best was 58:46 and that was in 2005.

 Later in the day I met up with some friends that I have not seen in ages and it was great.  One cup of coffee ended up taking about 2 ½ hours to drink!  I am sure the waitress must have been cursing us.  It was so nice to catch up, and I really need to make more of a concerted effort to keep in touch with them. 

 That evening we had our Art School’s end of year (beginning of year) party.  Each year the classes have a little competition against each other.  We are given a theme and each class needs to submit a project or whatever, interpreting the theme.  This year we needed to “Do” a painting.  We were able to interpret this anyway we like, but were not just to recreate the painting, we needed be creative.  Some classes acted it out, some pretended to be “in” the paining and some pretended to be the artist painting the painting.  Some classes worked on their project for months.  We did not!  Some classes rehearsed together for hours, we did not!  Some classes put real effort in, we did not.  WE WON!  Some classes are not speaking to each other; most of them are not speaking to us.

A Jackson Pollock painting
A painting by Jackson Pollock


We arrived with a large blank canvas and 30 little water guns filled with paint.  We got everybody at the party to “shoot” the canvas.  Our painting was a “Jackson Pollock” and it was fantastic!  We had so much fun, and it seemed everybody else did too.  Well, until they realized they had just helped us win – again.  When the judges came by everybody was totally involved spraying our canvas.  Once the judges had watched for a bit, one of them said to us “You know what you need to do if you want to win”.  We knew exactly what we need to do, and all shouted “Justine”.  Out came Justine – in a bikini and rolled across the wet paint.  The judge just stood there open mouthed.  He had not expected us to actually have somebody to roll in it.  The resulting picture was actually really interesting, and as always they are put up for action with the money going Animal Welfare.  I have put in a bid on it, I hope it get it. 


 There was also an exhibition of works done at the school throughout the year.  We could each submit a couple of our paintings.  I kind of left it to the last minute so rushed there just before the party started and asked if it was too late to submit a painting.  My teacher said it was fine, she would find a space.  I am very thankful that she did – IT SOLD!!!!  Yippee.  I am so excited and at least now I can justify putting in a bid on the other painting.

Painting I sold!
Painting I sold!




 In other exciting news – well not exciting to anybody but me, I did another 120km cycle.  Once again we did the Ironman loop twice.  This time there was an Easterly blowing, so I expected our time to be a bit slower.  They were not, so I am pretty happy.  Now at least I have done it in both an East and a West!  So – 8 weeks to go and it is looking good so far!!!

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Photo – tag

I have been tagged by The Running Golfer.

The rules:

  • Go to the file where your photo’s are saved
  • Go to the 6th folder and choose the 6th photo
  • Post it and an explanation
  • Tag 6 people to do the same.

Well here is my photo

Duke and Miss Molly
Duke and Miss Molly


This was taken a year or so ago and only a couple of days after we got Duke.  Miss Molly should have stood up for herself then, because Duke is MUCH bigger now and she is always covered in dog gob!  Poor cat, she does not seem to realise that she has claws.  Our other cat, Bacardi has no such problem and has put the dogs firmly in their place.  Infact so much so that they won’t even walk past him.


I tag:

Well, anyone who wants to do this.  It was fun going through my old photos.