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My races for 2015

My running goals for 2015

I love running and being fit, but I need goals.  I am not very good at getting up at 4:30am day after day “for fun”  I need something to training for – a goal to work towards and so, to keep motivated (and because the races sell out very quickly) I have already entered all my “big” races for the year.  I am VERY excited and more than a little scared.  They are a stretch for me, there are some rather big ones in there – some because of the distances and another because of the technical bits (and tough cut offs).

Here they are:

First up – the Friendly City Marathon.  I have already qualified for both Two Oceans and Comrades but am going to do the Friendly City Marathon in February anyway. I had hoped to improve my seeding in Comrades, but I have not run much more than I did before the last one (common problem) so will just run it for fun. Last year this race was my first stand alone marathon.

Next up, but still in February is my first rather big race – a 44km trail run in Addo.  This will be hard for a number of reasons, firstly it’s an ultra-marathon (anything over 42.2 km is an Ultra), secondly it is a trail run and thirdly it is probably going to be very hot.

Next up is Two Oceans Ultra Marathon – I was toying with this one, but SA Medal Hangers will have a stand at the Expo so I will be in Cape Town anyway so thought why not…. I will consider it a training run for my next BIG one, which will be………

Yes, the Comrades Marathon…… Yikes!!!  This one is rather scary – the distance, the heat….. the fact that SA Medal Hangers will have a stand at the expo and I need to figure out a way to do that and run…. It is not a good idea to stand too much in the days leading up to the race.

Then, in October, the one that I am most looking forward to.  My sister, her fiancé and I have all managed to get an entry for the Otter Trail Run.  The have 2 races, one with very strict cut offs and the other still very tough but slightly more lenient.  We are doing the slightly more lenient one.  This is the race I am most excited about and most nervous about…. It is 42km on very technical trail.  I love trail running but am not that good over very technical stuff – or on hectic ups… or downs…. And this race has all of those. But hey – it is on one of my favourite trails so how bad can it be… J

So those are my big races – I will do a few smaller ones in between, mostly because I love races – they are my social time. It is where I see all my friends and chat, sometimes run a bit….

PS: you can click on the names of the races (highlighted) for more info

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Something to look forward to!

I love hiking – I might have mentioned it once or twice on this blog before…..


Well we used to go quite a bit.  There was a stage where we were going on weekend hikes every six weeks or so and then….. nothing.  We just stopped going, or I just stopped going.  Actually I am not really sure what happened.  I suppose we got animals and responsibilities and life just got in the way?


Well, that is all going to change!!!!  I am already scheduled to go on two hikes this year – and I can’t wait.  This time though they are going to be longer hikes.  5 or 6 day hikes.  The best kind!  I like them because you really feel like you are getting a holiday and away from it all!  You get to really relax!


I am so excited! 


The one is a trail I have done a number of times before, but never all in one sitting.  It is quite close to where we live so it is the one we usually break down into weekend sections.  This time we are doing 5 days all in one go!  Whoo hooo.  It is the Tsitsikamma Hiking Trail.  My sister will be down from England so it will be awesome to do it with her and my mom and my husband, amongst others.


The other trail is one that I have wanted to do for a very long time, but it is usually booked out quite far in advance.  So this time we booked quite far in advance.  It is called the Whale Trail and is in the Western Cape.  The best time of year to go is July – October because you are almost guaranteed to see whales frolicking along the coast!  It is also a 5 day trail.


They should both be fantastic!!!