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Not on the list

After the movie Bucket List came out I thought quite a bit about starting one, but didn’t.  It is just not for me.  My reason?  Well, there is nothing that I have a burning desire to do before I die.  I mean there are things I would quite like to do (or think I should feel like should want to do) but there is nothing that I really, really want to do – hope that makes sense?  The things I REALLY wanted to do I have already done.

The things I really want to do now are more on-going and the only reason I am not doing them is time.  For example:

I would really like to have a thriving veggie garden.  I have a veggie garden, and it thrives on occasion, and then it doesn’t.  It gets neglected, overgrown and everything dies.  Then I start again…

I would also like to be one of those people that sends out hand-made cards and gifts.  I do, on occasion, and then I don’t…  I rush to the shop at the last minute and buy one.

I would like to wrap those handmade gifts beautifully.  I do, on occasion, and then I don’t.  I put it in a gift bag – recycled from one I received or bought at the last minute because I only bought the gift on the way to the party.

I would like to bake cakes for my family on each of their birthdays.  I do, on occasion(ready Little OL’s birthday only) and then I don’t.  They get store bought cakes if they are lucky.

I would like to keep a diary or do Project Life as Shayne is doing, but I know if I start I will only do a week or so and then it will fade out.

I would like to cook decent meals.  I do, on occasion, and then I don’t.  I either make something quick, get Mr OL to cook or go hungry.

I would like to buy old furniture and restore it.  I have… once!  But I had the chair for nearly 9 years before it got recovered.  I have various projects in the garage, none of which are very close to being started.

I would like to get a toned body.  I have had, on occasion but not for a good couple of years.  And even when I did my tummy needed work.  I would like to get a fitness program and stick to it, but it needs to include cardio, core, strength and stretch.  At the moment I am lucky if it is cardio alone.

The list goes on and on.  Maybe this is why I don’t have a bucket list – I can’t see past what I would like to get done, before I start thinking about major event or maybe it is just that something else is much more important to me at the moment that is not on any list and that is spending time with Little OL.

Yesterday we built a fort out of sheets and chairs in the lounge.  Inside we put a torch, a teddy, some blankets, pillows and we coloured in.  It was fun.


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Quick update

So, by now you have heard the news – thanks 6000. 

Kaylin Elizabeth was born on the 19 February  (the day after her due date)and is exactly a month old today.  I can’t believe how the time has flown.  It hardly even feels like a week has gone buy never mind a month.

This is just going to a quick update, I have written a whole “birth story” on my other computer which I will post with photos shortly.  I have snuck onto this computer while my mom is holding Baby OL. 

My last post was “still here” and I was fully expecting to be at work the following day as well, but that did not happen.  My water broke at 10:15pm on the 18th and we went to the hospital.  I was really glad that I was at home as the thing you see on the movies – with a whole gush and then flooding really does happen!  I heard and felt a pop and then it was as if somebody had thrown a bucket of water over me.  Contractions started as we were driving to the hospital.

Anyway – there are a few things that I never thought would happen.  I never thought that I would spend hours staring at little toes, or hands or ears.  I never thought of myself as a “baby person’ – but I am now seriously a baby person – or at least this baby.  I am enjoying her so much.  It does help that she is pretty good though.  I am loving being a mom and have realised that it is probably just as well that I waited 37 years to do this.  I might have wanted quite a few more if I had started any earlier!!!!

I have not started running again yet, but have been walking quite a bit. This morning we went for a 6km walk around the neighbourhood.  It was a stunning morning and it was good to get out.  Baby OL is getting used to her pram and fell fast asleep.

Best I get back to my mom, although I am sure she is loving holding her first grandchild.

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Due Date – about to pop?

So, I am due TODAY!!!
Here are some photos at 40 weeks pregnant taken this morning when I was getting ready for work.  If the baby does not come today then tomorrow is my last day at work!  Yes, I know one day after my due date – I must have known something…
Week 40 - Due today!!
Week 40 - from the side
And from the top...

 I am sure I had toes at one stage!

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I am still here!!!

I went to the doctor yesterday – his prognosis??? Probably not going to happen this week and he will see me again on Monday! 

He did also say though that these things are highly unpredictable so even though he says it is unlikely to happen any time this week the baby might decided differently and come that night.  It didn’t…. 

So, for now I am still at work and carrying on as usual!  Every morning when I arrive they all start laughing – I think they might have taken bets on the sly.  Also Mr OL’s mom and sister and friends phone every day to find out what is going on.  I think they are worried that we wont’ tell them.  

Mr OL is adamant that it is not to come this week.  I would be quite happy if it did.  Let’s hope it listens to its mommy.  In fact, I have told it that I am running a very tight household and that there are going to be schedules and routines and it had better stick to them 🙂 and so to make a good start it should come on its due date (Thursday).

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More photos

I seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment.

Here are a couple more photos taken when we went to Plett last weekend.   Just how spectacular is that setting!

Like we last saw each other yesterday, not 11 years ago!
Mr and Mrs OL - proud parents to be.

These were taken at 37 weeks.

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1 more week!

I can’t believe I am due next week! Wow, it seems to have come around pretty fast. 

I plan on working for as long as possible – so far so good and I am not too uncomfortable or anything like that.  My intention is to work up until the birth or until the 19 February, which ever comes first remembering that I am actually due on the 18th!  I might be mad…  

As for internet access and letting everyone know what is going on.  I can access Facebook on my phone, so if you are a FB friend, you will be kept in the loop.  If you want to be a FB friend then let me know. 

My mom also thankfully lives pretty close to me and she has internet access at her house.  Baby and I might be visiting her a lot more often than she thought.  I am also going to see if I can take my laptop home with me and possibly arrange something.  Mr OL is still against getting internet at home but maybe with some convincing……..

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More nursery pictures.

Here are a couple more pictures from the nursery.  

It is nearly done!  The only thing left is the bedding, which I have still yet to sew.  I am not in a rush as I will be using blankets for the first little while anyway. 

Here are some pictures of the paintings I did.  I found a picture by an artist Royce McClure that he had for t-shirts (link HERE) and copied it.  I have no intention of selling these pictures, so hopefully he does not mind that I copied them.  I am really happy with the way they came out.  The first 3 pictures are the individual paintings and then the 4th picture is what they look like in the room.  I have also added a few more photos so you can get a general idea of what the room looks like.

We have left a double bed in it for now.  It might come in very useful (and we had no where else to put it).

I know the dark brown would not be to everyone’s taste but I am SO happy with the way the room has come out!  For all of Mr OL’s skepticism at the beginning about the colour and my plans he now loves it too and says he is really happy I did not go all pastels and stuff. Although if you saw the rest of our house you would know that I would not have gone pastels.

Hear no evil!
Speak No Evil!
See No Evil!
Pictures up in the room.
The opposite wall

And one final picture.  I found this doorstop and Mr Price Home.  Isn’t he so cute!!!

The cutest doorstop.
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Vote – boy or girl?

So, based on yesterday’s photos it seems that most people seem to think I am going to have a boy, except maybe 6000 who thinks it is possible that it might be a girl, but more than likely a boy.  Most people who meet me also seem to think boy, except for one person who said she knows things like that and ALWAYS gets it right. She has said girl. 

So, I thought I would take guesses and see in about 2 or so weeks who got it right.  Sorry no prizes! 

So what do you think – boy or girl? 

And if you say boy you had better suggest a boy’s name as well, because at the moment we don’t have one!!!!  

We think we have settled on a girls name but, a boys name – absolutely NO IDEA!

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Neighbourhood Watch – Part 2

I love my neighbours!  

I have mentioned before that they “watch” our house and report on anything that is out of the norm.  It is quite reassuring, even if it means we need to remind ourselves that “somebody is always watching” and not to do anything that could be uhmmmm – witnessed. 

Well, it just got better!! Yesterday we had workers there and they were using the garage to cut wood so we could not park our cars inside when we returned from work.  I park in the driveway and then when Mr OL arrived home a few minutes later he parked just behind my car. The supervisor of the workers arrived shortly after us.  He drove one of those older large Mercedes Benz. 

Well, a few minutes after he left our neighbour came running over.  She had seen the our cars parked outside and the other car and just wanted to know if everything is ok with the baby. She does not want to be nosey as she knows her mother-in-law can be but the other car looked like one of those elderly doctor’s cars and she just want to make sure.  She is a nurse and midwife and specialises in newborns and babies so if anything is wrong she could help.  Mr OL said, no everything is fine and explained the situation. 

She then said, well she does specialise in babies so once the baby is born if I ever need help, or advice or even just a break for an hour or two she is right across the road and will be offended if I don’t ask her.  YIPEE!!!!!  I feel I might just be taking her up on that offer. 

It is very reassuring to know that somebody who knows stuff about babies is close by because I am rather clueless!  So as I mentioned – I love my neighbours!!!!

Then in an unexpected move – here are a couple of photos of me that I took this morning.  37 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

37 Weeks
37 Weeks - The BUMP!
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Full term!

I am 37 weeks pregnant, which is considered full term.  Yikes, that basically means the baby can now come any time it likes, even though my estimated due date is in 3 weeks today. 

I suppose what has brought this more to a reality that I could actually have a baby very soon is that one of my friends that is was due at about the same time as me had her baby yesterday. 

Today at work I have been running around and delivering everything that needs to be delivered – just in case.  I think everything is now up to date, my clients have all been informed that I might go off very soon and who to contact should they require anything for the next 4 MONTHS!!!  

I guess the next important thing for me to do is to finish packing my hospital bag.  I can’t believe it is nearly time.  But then again – it could be late to, so I might actually have to wait anything up to 5 weeks, unpredictable little blighters!!! 

I guess all I can say is watch this space.