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Historic Post

This is a historic post – it is the first post using internet at home.  1st time EVER!  I have always gained access either at work or from my phone.  Mr OL always said he is not getting internet at home because he would never see me.

AND it is my 500th post on this blog!!!

I think he must be sick of seeing me, because it was his idea. Well that and the fact that he got himself an iPhone.   Then decided that he needs an iPad as well.  Then realised that he needs access to the internet to get it to work. 

It was quite funny when he realised that he also needed a PC or Mac to get the thing set up… and he does not have one.  Not even at work as they work through a network or server or something.  Hee hee…. guess who has a laptop.  So he had to be nice to me.

He is now set up and playing on his iPad on the couch.  I am on my laptop at the table and peace is reigning in our house. 

I can’t say that you will be hearing more from me though.  I am normally in bed pretty soon after Little OL goes down.

HOpe you are all having a good festive season.

Haga Haga, Eastern Cape
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Thank you

This is going to have to be my Merry Christmas – happy Festive Season and Great New Year post.

I finish up at work this afternoon – I know I will not be posting until the 4 January (return to work) unless it is very brief and from my phone.  Oh wait – can’t do that either.  Deleted all apps off my phone except FB and Twitter (long story)

So – I hope you all get all that you wished for and that it is safe and enjoyable.

Thank you all for sharing another year with me.  I appreciate the comments, the support and the friendship.  It means a lot to me.


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Reasons to feel good

On the radio they had a call in section where people had to call in and say why they feel good.  I am going to list my reasons here.

  • My gorgeous little girl has started giving squeeze cuddles.  LOVE them.
  • And running up to me to give me kisses – awwwww
  • Its 20 minutes till home time
  • 3 days till holiday
  • We are going out for dinner tonight.
  • I can once again call myself a triathlete.  I did my second one in 2 weeks yesterday.  I have missed it!
  • I got my average speed up on my bike to 27km/hour in the triathlon above.  Not where it was but fun anyway.  I discovered “cruising altitude”.  Love it when my bike hit that spot.  Wind behind you, highest gear, in aero position.

So what are your reason(s) to feel good?

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2011 How was it for you?

I guess it is that time of year, time to reflect back over the past 12 months and see how it went.

So, how was 2011 for me???  Actually, pretty good.

2010 was obviously a very special year because Baby OL was born.  But 2011 just seemed better.  I feel happier and calmer.

I found 2010 very hard.  I felt like I was not getting the support or help that I wanted and truthfully at the end of 2010 I did not see my marriage lasting till the end of 2011. Well, thankfully it did!

2011 has been a lot better. Although Mr OL has always done most of the cooking (which I totally appreciate) he has now also stepped up with regards to spending time with Little OL.  It helps a lot.

I am training again which I emotionally need.  I started going back to art classes earlier this year and I feel much more like myself than I did last year.

I also love spending time with Little OL.  She is the cutest little thing and keeps surprising me.  Working full time, when I do get to spend time with her I try and focus that time on her.  Play, go to the park etc.  I train early in the morning so I am not away from her that much, most of the time both Mr & Little OL are still asleep when I get home. Thankfully I am a morning person because it means that I am up at 4 – but I love it.

Work wise it was a great year.  I am with the same company but changed positions.  It is more challenging and holds more responsibility. 

Family wise it has been good, except for my Dad.  He is getting old and it is horrible to realise it. We are trying to get him into a home and he is now on a waiting list.  SUCKS!

Other than that I just can’t believe that another year has passed.  I hope that 2012 carries on in the same vein as 2011 has.  I enjoyed it.

How was your year?

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Advent Calendar

This year I decided to do an advent calendar for Little OL.  I am not sure if she will understand it or not, but worth a shot.  After scouring every corner of the internet (pintrest) I saw the idea of using wage packets on Harassed Mom’s site – what a brilliant idea. In fact I pretty much “stole” her whole idea.  I used the same printables as she did for Cameron’s packets – which can be found HERE.

My main problem was what to fill them with.  After our chocolate fiasco that was a definite NO NO.  In the end I have put in little packets of biltong, dried fruit, raisins or biscuits.  This is pretty much what Little OL would have for a snack in the morning anyway, but now she just has more fun getting it.

Advent Calendar
1st December