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Don’t worry, I get it…

I am writing this post in advance – in preparation for the big day – Valentine’s Day…

Let me just say that as of last year I officially HATE Valentine’s Day. Why you might ask??  Well it is about hope.  I lived in hope that Mr OL would do something for Valentine’s Day.  I am not talking big, I am not talking “take out for dinner”, or even “flowers” I am talking little.  I am talking about the little things that show that somebody appreciates the other, I had at least hoped that he would wish me “Happy Valentine’s Day” but each year I am disappointed.

Last year I thought I was over it, I thought I could cope with the “nothing” but that it would not stop me from showing him I cared and thought of him.  Well, let’s just say that it did not go well – there might have been too much wine involved (me).  He told me the next morning that from now on I am not allowed to celebrate Valentines Day at all!  I am now banned  so this year there will be NO Valentine’s Day wishes in our house, there will be no flowers, there will be no wine, there will be no sushi (I bought that last year to go with the wine)!

And there will be absolutely NO hoping that this year will be different.  Yes Mr OL, after 5 years I finally get it.  You don’t like Valentine’s Day!

5 thoughts on “Don’t worry, I get it…

  1. Pfa! Men like Mr OL are a pain!

    I also live in the eternal hope that i’ll be spoilt rotten, which of course never happens. Dean does normally treat me to some yummy choccies but that’s about it really.

    I of course go overboard and then also buy for my girls. No good!

  2. He-he…

    We might do a special dinner at home…but thats more about having delicious food than celebrating Valentines Day. I am kinda over it too.

    PS. Oh and I will throw in a chocolate heart or something for his lunch. But thats it.

  3. We don’t celebrate Valentines day either, personally I think it is just a marketing ploy;-) Saying that, this year, I have bought Bean a teddy bear with hearts on it! She likes the idea of Valentines day, been talking about it and we had a very cute book called Splat which entailed giving Valentines cards to friends and so, even though The Man and I don’t celebrate it, there is no reason for me not to celebrate it with my daughter!

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