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Put me out my misery!

Very frustrating!!


I have a song stuck in my mind, but I don’t know which song.  And I can’t Google it because I just have the melody, and every time I try to think of what the words are I come up with different ones, and I can’t hum it to anybody – well because I can’t hum.  Or sing or carry a tune of any variety so it just would sound like a drone.


And the words that are in my head just don’t make sense so I am sure that they are wrong – all of them.


The thing is that I really like the song (when it is not in my head) and would like to see if the rest of their CD is the same.  But who the heck are they.


So if anyone know a song that has as strong drum beat that is played on radio quite often at the moment please put me out my misery.


I think the drums are the kind that you can hit on either side. Jamaican or African or something like that, not the modern sounding ones.


8 thoughts on “Put me out my misery!

  1. Now it has even gone out my head! Drat,

    When I try and think of it the only words that come to mind are:
    “Let the love light shine” But it is not that song. Hmmm, most of the time the radio plays the same songs over and over unless of course you want to hear it, then they never play it!

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah
    Let your lovelight shine, let it shine


    Let your lovelight shine on me
    Shine throughout eternity
    Let your lovelight shine on me
    Let your lovelight shine on me
    Shine throughout the world to see
    Let your lovelight shine on me

    Quiet whispers, death kisses
    Wordly ways is vicious
    I want to know what love is
    ‘Cause yo it is ridiculous
    In this foul nation
    Not enough occupation
    Too much starvation
    I guess I lost my patience
    I can’t deal with the
    Direction this world’s going
    Forget love, it seems
    That hate is the word glowing
    Because we hate each other
    We hate the other color
    It’s a shame
    To hear the kid say
    He hates his mother
    Sometimes I look in the sky
    And ask god why it’s like this
    Filling of pain
    Is a slight twist
    From happiness that’s what we all need
    God I’m down low on my knees and beggin’
    You please to shine your light down
    And help us open our hearts
    And stop the junkies
    From shooting up their dope in the parks
    And the light you shine on me
    I’m a shine on another
    And I’m a treat each person
    Like they’re my sister and brother

    Let it shine
    I want you to shine

    I wanna thank you, lord god
    For all the things that you did
    I’ma show the love
    That you gave me and show it to the kids
    They’re the future of this world
    If they believe it or not
    So it’s only right
    I try to teach the knowledge
    I got I ain’t saying that I’m perfect
    ‘Cause we all do wrong
    Ask your forgiveness
    Let my light shine and then move on
    There’s a lot of problems in this world
    That need to be solved
    There’s a lot of things that wouldn’t happen
    If we had love
    To my unborn kids when you give them this earth
    I’m a teacher `bout respect
    And all the things in this world, right
    Because we’re all human
    We’re all breathing
    We’re all equal
    In other world’s we’re all evil
    ( Let it shine)
    Let our lovelight shine
    Down from person to person
    And like they say when you get married
    For better or worsen
    It can happen if we let peace and lovin it in
    Open up our hearts lord
    And shine the light in

    Let it shine


    You got to shine
    Let it shine, let it shine

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