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Where do I send the dry cleaning bill?

In not generally a messy or clumsy person; although my husband might argue about the messy part. 


But what I mean is I am not generally messy when it comes to eating or drinking.  I don’t usually mess stuff on me – that is until this week!  I just don’t know what has happened?  It seem the nicer I try and dress the more I mess on myself!


This week I have decided to make a concerted effort to dress smart for work.  And what happens?  Monday, some where between getting changed and arriving at work I have an oily mark on my pants.  Not sure how it got there, but just know it was not there when I put them on in the morning.  One of the girls I work with very helpfully told me if you put dishwashing liquid on the mark, rub it in and wash it off again the stain will disappear.  That was all very well and fine, and it did actually work, but EVERYBODY in the office was laughing at me.  I ended up soaking my entire leg for a stain that was the size of a 50c piece. 


Then yesterday, I put on a lovely white top.  It stayed white till lunch time.  My delicious salad wrap decided that the juicy tomato would look better on my tummy than in my tummy!  Hmmm – fresh tomato does not come out of a white top with out scrubbing, and a wet white top at work is nota good idea.  So the tomato (and humus for good measure) stayed.


But I think today topped it all of.  I went to a funeral this morning so was wearing a black dress.  I put a longish beaded necklace on to break the black and thought I looked pretty good.  When I got back from the funeral I was starving.  I heated up a bowl of veggie soup, put it down on my desk and sat down.  As I was sitting down my lovely, long necklace landed in my soup and as I pulled it out the soup splattered all over my dress – from the neck line to the hem.  I think my boss heard me swearing!  Oops!!!1


From now on I am wearing casual!

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She is a nut!

I have decided that I might just be the sane one in my family after all! 


I got an email from my sister today saying that she is thinking of swimming the English Channel next year!  Now I am sorry, that is just plain madness.  It is not so much that you have to swim at least 31 kilometers depending on the tides and stuff but you have to do it without a wetsuit – and that water is cold!  Flippen cold!!!!


I like open water swimming, in fact I am a big fan of open water swimming but I need my wetsuit!  For some reason it is like my safety blanket.  I feel protected in it.  I don’t think I can actually swim in the sea without it!  Well, I know I can as I did my first season of triathlon without one, but now I don’t want to.


I like the buoyancy, the warmth and the protection from stingy things it gives me.  I know it is not going to help much with the larger bitey things (for that I’ll just have to keep my eyes closed) but I feel safe(ish).


So, all in all I have decided my sister is mad!  Her email to the family did send my husband into a panic though.  He apparently mailed her back and asked what the heck she was doing to him?  Just shows what he thinks of me!  Thinking I would want to join her, although in truth my first response had been “Can I join you” but sanity prevailed and I deleted that and wrote back – “That sounds awesome, good luck”

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Please turn on the light!

The sun is rising later and later in the mornings and it is NOT nice.  Especially not when you are on your bike and you can’t see where the heck you are going!  Being night blind does not help at all.  This morning it was pitch dark when we started riding, but I suppose, what was I expecting at 4:30 in the morning! 


I suppose I was expecting it to stay lighter earlier a bit longer.  I did not want to even think about it being dark in the mornings but generally that is what happens after the 21 December and before the 21 June.  The days get shorter and shorter. 


It is still getting light just after 5 so I should be happy with that and I did have my bike lit up like a Christmas tree this morning so I was prepared.  I suppose the only thing I was not prepared for was the rain.  Just when I was thinking I was getting used to the dark it started to rain too.  Humph!  Raining and Dark, not a good combination.  But once it got lighter I actually started enjoying it – rain and all. 


The dark is one thing I am going to have to get used to though if I want to continue training in the mornings and let’s face it, I don’t really have a choice on that one.  If I want to ride at least 3 – 4 times a week quite a few of my rides are going to have to be before work. 

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Respect for my elders?

I overtook somebody on my ride on Sunday.  I know it is not nice to brag at somebody else’s expense, but woo hoo!  I passed somebody.  Not just one somebody, a group of cyclists, well four of them to be exact.  This is an absolute first – I was even going up a hill.  The same hill that 6 months ago I was pushing my bike up.  I must be getting better?  Please, please, please let me be getting better.


Anyway, I passed them, I let them know I was about to pass.  They were weaving a bit and I did not want them to crash into me, I did however not say much else (puffing too much to talk).  Then just over the crest of the hill I heard some shouting and they caught up to me.  The one man said “That was very inconsiderate and rude, the way you passed us like that.”  Hmmm, oops, did I break some cyclist’s secret code on passing or something.  I felt a bit guilty until one of the other guys said “Yes, very rude, you showed no consideration for age, passing us the way you did.”  Phew, they were joking.  We chatted a bit and then they turned off.


So, I finally managed to overtake somebody on a hill AND I don’t care that he was about 60 in the shade. 

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How to get the heart racing on a Monday morning!

The newspapers sure know how to give a girl a heart attack – and how to sell newspapers!


The headlines on the bill boards all the way down the streets were “Killer Shark Attack” and such likes.  When I saw the first one I nearly crashed my car.  Holy crap – I was in the sea on Friday.  Ok, I am usually in the sea on Fridays, but still.


I rushed onto the office and grabbed the paper.  “Lifeguard savaged to death by shark”!  Crap, crap, crap!


Next thought – what beach?  Scan the article…”A lifeguard watched in horror as his friend was savaged to death by a giant shark while they were swimming together at Port St Johns at the weekend”   Port St, Port St Johns, not Port Elizabeth.  Phew!!!!   Phew!!!! Phew!!!!


Obviously it is really sad when ever anybody dies, but my first thoughts were purely selfish.  Thank fully it was miles away from Port Elizabeth in an area that is renowned for attacks.  Port Elizabeth is still safe?????  Woo, hoo, this will probably not alleviate any fears I have but at least should not exacerbate them.  For now I will continue to swim in groups and with my eyes shut. 

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Photo – tag

I have been tagged by The Running Golfer.

The rules:

  • Go to the file where your photo’s are saved
  • Go to the 6th folder and choose the 6th photo
  • Post it and an explanation
  • Tag 6 people to do the same.

Well here is my photo

Duke and Miss Molly
Duke and Miss Molly


This was taken a year or so ago and only a couple of days after we got Duke.  Miss Molly should have stood up for herself then, because Duke is MUCH bigger now and she is always covered in dog gob!  Poor cat, she does not seem to realise that she has claws.  Our other cat, Bacardi has no such problem and has put the dogs firmly in their place.  Infact so much so that they won’t even walk past him.


I tag:

Well, anyone who wants to do this.  It was fun going through my old photos.

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Yesterday I went and gave Joyce the picture I drew of her.  I thought she would be quite happy, but never expected the reaction I got.  She was ecstatic and I got the hugest hug.  It was great and I am really glad I gave it too her.


She then told me that her husband had died of cancer on the 29 December so it was nice to have something nice happen to her.  By that stage both of us were crying.

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She prefers 2-ply

Daisy has discovered new trick.  One that is become rather costly!


Unfortunately I don’t really have anyone to blame but myself.  When a toilet roll was finished we used to give her the empty cardboard roll to play with.  She loves them and used to chase them, chew them and play with them.


Then she got bored – we obviously were not using enough toilet rolls, contrary to popular belief I am not that full of sh#t after all.  Being the clever little Border Collie that she is she discovered a constant supply, however she has progressed, she is no longer happy with the empty rolls.  She is stealing full rolls of toilet paper!  Let me explain, we have the roll on the holder and then additional rolls next to the toilets in little wicker baskets.  It is these rolls that she is now stealing.


Last week I went out into the garden and it looked like it was covered in confetti!  At first I did not understand what was happening, but after the second roll I soon cottoned on. 


After the 4th roll, we learnt (clearly not as quickly as my dog) that we needed to move all the toilet rolls.  I thought that would solve the problem, until yesterday when I caught her pulling on the roll that was on the holder.  Hmmmmm, I see trouble ahead.

Daisy - much younger and looking like butter would not melt!
Daisy - much younger and looking like butter would not melt!
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Interview Me!


I saw this on Hayley’s blog – Everything Imbetween and thought it could be fun, that and the fact that I am a bit stuck on stuff to write!  So until inspiration hits again here is my “Interview me”



Firstly here are the rules:


You need to let me know if you’d like to play along and I’ll send you some questions!


1. Leave me a comment saying interview me, fill in your email address in the relevant box.  It won’t be visable to anyone but me.  Or if you prefer you can just email me directly at

2. I will email you five questions.

3. Answer the questions on your blog.

4. Post rules on your blog with an offer to interview anyone else who emails you wanting to be interviewed.

5. Try and personalise the questions to the particular blogger.


Then without further ado, here are the questions that Hayley set for me.


1) How did you get into blogging and why?

About 2 years ago I was in a very boring job, which luckily had internet access.  I spent a lot of time online started reading other people’s blogs.  After a few weeks I thought I should start my own.  My first one was but last year I swopped over to this site as it is more reliable.


2) What got you started on the Ironman, running, cycling thing?

I was pretty sporty at school; although I was (and still am) pretty useless at anything that involved hitting, catching or throwing – that left running and swimming both of which I enjoyed.  After school I stopped all sport and went travelling.  I would occasionally get inspired to go for a run, but nothing serious.  Then about 5 years ago, after a boyfriend and I broke up, I decided to go for a run again.  I lived on the beachfront and could not have asked for a better place to run.  A few weeks later, my mom, who is a pretty competitive runner, asked me if I wanted to join her for a 10 km race.  I enjoyed it and I started running off and on.  For some reason that 10 km race is still the fastest 10 I have done?????  Then Port Elizabeth started hosting Ironman.  I went and watched for the first few years and each time I said I would love to do that.  It looked like so much fun.  After the 2005 one I decided enough saying I was going to do it, I MUST just do it.  So I  started doing smaller triathlons, firstly on a borrowed mountain bike, and then when I decided (for sure) I would actually do this I bought a entry level road bike.  At first I hated cycling, but loved the swimming and running.  I was so scared of the traffic that I was a wreck after each ride.  I said that the actual race was my most enjoyable ride.  No bunches of cyclists, no traffic, no fear (just a sore butt).  I was really worried about riding again and did not get on the bike for just over a year.  And then the oddest thing happened – I got on my bike and LOVED IT!  Now it is the discipline that I enjoy the most!  I am not sure what happened in that time but my paralysing fear is gone.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still nervous and get a bit stressed but not so stressed that I don’t enjoy myself.  I know that this time will be different, after this IM I will continue cycling, just because I enjoy it and not because I have to because it is part of triathlon.


3) Would you ever leave South Africa?

Hard Question!  We do talk about leaving of and on depending on what is in the news at that time, or how much Carte Blanche we watched.  We often talk about other countries that we would like to live in but every time we come up with a reason as to why South Africa is better.  Australia – the quarantine for our animals is too long.  UK – weather too miserable, houses too small.  USA – no desire to go there (although the more blogs I read the more appealing it appears).  We do look at some places and say – “ we would love to live there” but there is always a negative, like no employment opportunities, we don’t speak the language or something like that.  I have lived in Scotland, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden each for about a year and in England for over 2 years and still feel that SA is best for us for now.  But I suppose a lot depends on the situation in this country. 


4) Any job in the world, what would you do?

See previous post – Caretaker or the Great Barrier Reef!

Ok, a bit more seriously!  I actually don’t know.  I have very, very varied interests so think I would love something and then 2 weeks later change my mind.  When I was younger I wanted to be a truck driver.  At the moment I would love to grow veggies and herbs, organise a farmers market for like minded individuals and have a café /deli that sells fresh, delicious seasonal foods.


5) What are your plans for the future, do you have anything you and your hubby are working towards?

Well, we said we wanted to be married a year before we started trying for a family……..We celebrated our anniversary in August. 

We are also discussing the feasibility of moving to a smallholding.  Somewhere big enough that I could try and start the veggie and herb thing but small enough that it is still manageable.  Let’s see what happens!