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I am a morning person…. Maybe?

Now, I consider myself a morning person.  Usually!  This morning was no exception, or so I thought.  I woke up at 4:30am to go cycle.  I remembered everything and put it all in my car.  (I am scared of traffic so drive to my mom’s house and then cycle from there).  Once I got there I got ready, on my bike and I was off.  About 3km in I realized that I had forgotten my water bottle in my car.  Well no problem, I was only going to go for an hour and figured I can run for that long without any liquids, so I probably would not die.  I cycled for 34 minutes then turned around.  On the way back I passed a little shop that we stopped at on Sunday and thought to myself that I was so early this morning that the shop was not even open yet.  Then I realized I did not bring any money with me (I usually bring a little – in case of emergency (taxi money or something???), then I also realized I had forgotten my cell phone in my car as well!  Humph, this was not good.  I like to have it with me incase something happens and I need to phone somebody.  Here I was out in the sticks, no liquids, no money and no cell phone.  Well at least I had remembered my pepper-spray! 


Luckily the cycle was uneventful and none of those forgotten items were necessary.  I got back to my car in one piece, pressed the button on my remote to open my car and “Bleep, Bleep!”  CRAP, it only bleeps when it locks!  It had been sitting on my mom’s front grass for over an hour and was not even locked. 


I might need to re-evaluate my idea that I am a morning person????

7 thoughts on “I am a morning person…. Maybe?

  1. Thankfully I know that is not the case. I leave my car unlocked more times than I care to remember. I feel that it probably wont get broken into if it is unlocked as the robbers might think it is a trick or a setup?

  2. Morning person or not, I would just go back to bed if everything went wrong like it did with you.
    I wouldn’t really call myself a morning person, but I’ll get up without any problems if I have to.

  3. Charisa – it is just getting light, although that will start to change soon. I am not looking forward to that at all.
    Hanlie – thanks, I think you have mention it before but once something becomes a habit it is ok.
    Firefly – Well I figured that was the 3 things for the day.

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