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The disadvantage!

Port Elizabeth - on a calm day.
Port Elizabeth - on a calm day.

And now for the disadvantages of living in Port Elizabeth – the wind!  It really scuttled my training plans for this morning.  Well, I suppose there has to be some reason why it’s called “The Windy City”.


My alarm went off at 4am, I got up and peered out the window into the darkness to try and see what the wind was doing.  I figured although I could hear wind it probably was not too bad so got changed into my cycle gear.  And then I received an SMS – “too windy – cancelled”. 


Now what?  I did not know whether to be elated or devastated!  I really wanted to go cycle but it did mean that I could climb back into bed and get and extra 2 ½ hours sleep.  Or should I stay awake and go for a run, or to the gym and swim???  Sleep won.


The only funny thing that happened after that was my husbands alarm went off at 6 and I shot straight up saying “Oh shit!”  Yes I swore – loudly.  And then burst out laughing.  My immediate thought when I heard the alarm was that when my alarm had rung I had turned it off, fallen back asleep and it was my cycle partners phoning to find out where on earth I was.  My husband already thinks I am a bit crazy so was not too surprised that his wife was firstly swearing and then laughing her head off at 6am for no apparent reason.  It took me a while to stop giggling and explain myself.  He just shook his head.  I went back to sleep for another hour – or at least I tried to.  My cats decided that seeing as I had already been up twice I must not need any more sleep and decided to use my bed as a spring board to launch attacks on each other.


The wind is unfortunately an Easterly – so it has also scuttled my plans for a sea swim.  Looks like I will be heading to the gym pool today after all.

6 thoughts on “The disadvantage!

  1. As 6000 said, it’s bloody hot here today! I’ve been under the fan since coming back from the gym.

    Yesterday I walked in a gale-force Southeaster and it was like resistance training!

  2. Man, the Southeaster is a bugger! It blew like crazy last week. Unfortunately for me, half of my run is always into it. It sucks bad.

  3. hanlie – yip, sucks, but if we are going to do anything we will just have to get used to it!
    Charisa – I think I needed it. And with our wind, unfortunately that early is usually the best time to train.
    RG – at least 1/2 of it you had the wind behind you…

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